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Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7 [Tracks 41-51]

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THIS IS IT. We’ve come up to the last ten tracks of Volume 7, and I can’t begin to express the rollercoaster of emotion that was experiencing this album without being able to share the hype with everyone in our Discord channel during the release party.

Fortunately, I have a platform where I can have opinions regardless of how right or wrong I can be (thanks, Internet! <3), so without further ado, it’s time to jump into the first track on my list to cover!

Pixel Syndrome’s ultra fun entry to the V.7 art contest.


Glenntai Got: ‘Continue?’ by Blue Navi

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Many of you may not be too familiar with Blue Navi. That might also change when you discover that they previously went under the moniker Ayoshutduff, who has been a seasoned veteran of many Chiptunes = WIN releases. With this EP, titled ‘Continue?’, we have a three-track collection of music finished since his previous, hefty album late last October. Like many artists expanding their level of versatility, Blue Navi decided to experiment with styles out of their comfort zone, and in this case we’ve been given some synthwave that carries a serious mood about it. If you’re looking for some solid music that isenjoyable both as active listening as much as background music, come see what this EP has to offer. (more…)

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 6 [Tracks 31-40]

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Happy total solar eclipse of the heart Monday to one and all Chip-denizens! On a momentous day such as today, why bother with watching rare astronomical phenomenon when you could instead have your ears rocked by the constant stream of epic that is another ten tracks from Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 6. Don’t risk your valuable retina, and join us past the fold to hop right in!

Bonus ‘Volume 6’ album art by Rich Legault.


Aydan Appreciates: ‘CHIP ZONE • #003’ by Ayoshutduff

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ChipWINners might remember Ayoshutduff from his tracks on volumes 2, 3, 5, and Celt-tunes, which were all quite memorable in their own rights. While he may have released a limited number of actual albums, his library of singles is quite expansive, both in quantity and in a stylistic sense. From bass-heavy hits to video game remixes and symphonic, atmospheric RPG-inspired sounds, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot that he CAN’T pull off. His latest album, ‘CHIP ZONE • #003’, is an aural journey with underlying tinges of nostalgia and an insatiable curiosity for space. Make sure to secure yourself in your seat, and ensure that your listening pods – be they external or semi-internal – are functioning properly. This is your captain Aydan speaking, and we’ll be reaching your tonal destination in 3…2…1!

ayoshutduff-chip-zone-%e2%80%a2-003-cover (more…)

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 [Tracks 17 – 21]

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Welcome fellow chip friends and fiends to the continuing coverage of Chiptunes = WIN Volume 3! Joseph Eidson here to discuss tracks 17-21, all of which continue the tradition of awesomeness on this compilation. It is an interesting and exciting challenge to try and summarize five very different artists with their own unique approaches to chip music: the extreme variety is one of the things that I really enjoy about listening to this album as a whole. (more…)

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2 (Tracks 32-36)

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Greetings all!  It’s Chip Mom’s turn to introduce your ears to five more delicious musical morsels cooked up for you by the artists of Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2!

Track #32: NEStonic by Decktonic

With Decktonic’s entry your ears are immediately delighted with tribal beats melded with the bevy of futuristic sounds that are Decktonic’s signature sound.  While these two textures may seem mutually exclusive, the artist blends them masterfully.  If your booty isn’t moving by the 45 second mark, you’re doing it wrong!  Now, as a chiptune newb I can’t regale you with an in-depth analysis of the techniques used to create this composition.  What I can tell you, however, is this:  If Ayla and Robo got together and had a dance party at the End of Time, it would sound – appropriately – like ‘NEStonic’.

Track #33: Take a Look by The Flight Away

Full disclosure: I am that girl at the bar that “squees” and then sings at the top of her lungs when she hears ‘Take on Me‘.  ‘To Be With You‘ is also in my regular karaoke rotation.

With that in mind, if you think back longingly to a time when music was made up of sharp drums, synth-laced keys, reverbed vocals, and puppies, then this song is right up your alley… and mine!  In this song, The Flight Away has managed to capture the spirit of the 80s with a chiptune twist.  Keeping with skrunchie-laden tradition, ‘Take a Look’ melds melancholy content with upbeat music ultimately producing a track that is joyful, endearing, and sinfully sing-alongable.

Track #34: Reasons by Dire Hit

And now for something completely different: Dire Hit’s ‘Reasons’.  From the first moment of the track, the layering and panning of different elements is engrossing.  While the sexy grooves and dirty beats would beg anyone to get on the dance floor, for me it’s the hook. Something about that melodic hint crawls into your ears, down into your gut, and lands in your hips.  Before you know it, you’ve grabbed yourself a partner and are riding the electric wave out into the universe.

Track #35: By the Bit by Ayoshutduff

Ayoshutduff’s entry to the compilation is a cool respite from some of the more blistering dance tracks of Volume 2.  When I first heard ‘By the Bit’, I thought of an overnight trip I spent in a cave when I was young.  The smooth, rhythmic patterns of this song, punctuated with the heartbeat like thump of the bass, carries with it the same sense of anxiety and wonder I felt while I was there.  It is almost as if I’ve become lost in the depths of that deep cave, and, as the layers of the song change, I am discovering new mysteries around every corner.  But will I ever find my way back?

Track #36: The Longest Distance by Talkboy Arcade

If ‘By the Bit’ conveys the depth of a cave, then Talkboy Arcade’s ‘The Longest Distance’ is the emergence from that cave into the bright light of victory.  The high energy and bright sounds make you want to dance with wild abandon.  Unlike some of the compilation’s dance-y tracks, this song is not sexy, but celebratory.  The feeling it evokes is indicative of the carefree joy of a time when life was simple, the good guys beat the bad guys, the Cheerios were honey-nutty, and Mr. Rogers was your favorite neighbor. Listen to it whenever you need lift!

Thank you all for your kind attention.  Each of these artists worked their butts off to give you their best, and they deserve it!  Until next time…


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