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Sam Sher’s Year In Review

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So that was a year huh.

A lot of good things happened. A lot of bad things happened. But most importantly, a lot of chiptune things happened! In this here article, I’ll be going over my highlights of this year both in terms of releases and shows!

So get ready to go down memory lane!

Me thinking about life & chiptune & junk.


Chip Treatment with Professor Oakes: ‘Dinnertime’ by Gors

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A recipe; the ingredients; the cookware — all crucial to preparing your meals and satiating your growing hunger.

The very same analogy holds true for chipmusic: the personality that a musician puts into their work; the level of composition the song yields; and the success of mixing which helps to amplify the song. In this sense, the composition is the recipe; personality the ingredients; and the method the musician is producing their album on and the song mixing is the cookware.

You’re probably thinking why I’m making all of these silly analogies to food and food prep, am I right? Without further adieu…

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