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And Now for Something Completely Different: The Relay Bros!

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Through the course of art history, there have always been artists or projects that defied the norm. I welcome you to this new column, titled ‘And now for something completely different!’, where we will take a look at Chiptune related acts that get themselves out of ordinary boxes and into uncharted territory where they can blossom.


POST-PAX PAX-PACKED PAX-POST 2018 (ft. bory of geekbeatradio)

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Greetings and salutations friends! It’s that time once again for a massive postmortem on PAX East. This year, I’m joined by bory of geekbeatradio who was the head of the MAGFest Jamspace this year and also responsible for booking all of our amazing acts. As this article does traditionally cover both the music and gaming portions of PAX East, bory will be covering the music and I will be covering the games – and as per usual, you can navarkigate to each portion by searching #MUSIC or #GAMES. This time around we’ve got a big article for ya, so don’t hesitate to use those to jump around.



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Another year, another MAGFest. Ho-hum. Just a bunch of nerds together playing videogames in an overpriced hotel, I don’t get what’s so sp-


GUYS. I’M SO SORRY. Someone locked me in a basement and sent a robot clone to sabotage this article -all in an attempt to make you think that MAGFest SUCKS! DON’T LISTEN TO IT. MAGFEST IS BEST FEST! The person who is Adam Seats and is definitely probably not a robot clone is here once again to give you the rundown on all the great music you missed because you weren’t there/were there but were doing something else/were there but can’t remember because of REASONS.


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8-Bit Banter with DjjD: Toni Leys – ‘Blast Processor’

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As I first came to know of Toni through ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3‘, his first impression was a lasting one. I can count at least on 50 different occasions showing that track specifically to friends (who were really never too keen on electronic music in general) that there’s a lot that can be done in the genre. While most just turn towards popular artists and whatever is blaring on the radio, it’s amazing what you can find with just a little research. Now, being a part of this community, I guess it eases the amount of sifting through unpleasant tracks because, by and large, this place is filled with talented musicians and amazing composers. We come here to hear new tunes but we stay for the wealth of knowledge that gets passed around. Now then, ladies and gentlemen, I present Toni Leys.

Toni Leys - Blast Processor - cover

With a cover like that, you can tell at least one of two things.

Number #1: This guy knows his Genesis commercials.

Number #2: He likes the YM2612 soundchip (a lot).


Aydan Appreciates: ‘Rising’ by tiasu

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Based out of Melbourne, Australia, tiasu is an incredibly prolific chipmusician. His name should ring a few bells in the minds of avid fans of the genre, but especially in followers of the Chiptunes = WIN blog. ‘Rising’ is the most recent in his series of uniquely charged chipmusic albums, and can be considered the direct sequel to his last album, ‘Insomnia‘. Additionally, this album is his third full-length release in 8 months, and the quality is just as good as – if not better than – ‘Insomnia’. Combining elements of chipmusic, progressive metal, synthpop, electro, and other types of modern electronic dance music, this album is truly one of a kind. Let’s explore it in a little more detail. (more…)