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Advice from the Volume 7 Judging Panel

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Hey folks! Today I’m happy to share with you our annual Volume related column featuring thoughts and advice from this year’s judging panel. Whether you’ve yet to begin composing or you’re making final tweaks to your Volume 7 entry, there’s something in here for you to benefit from. Dive into it all below the break!


Hoodie Highlights… his own mental health.

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with, uh… no interview this month.

That’s right. I’m taking the month off from my Hoodie Highlights interview column post-MAGFest for my own mental health. haha

That said, there’s probably some of of you that have been reading my interviews over the last few months wondering why in the world I’m doing a mental health focused series in the first place. Figure here at the start of 2017 is as good a time as any to share a brief version of my story. Read on if you’re curious.

Me in my natural habitat.


Sam Shares: an Interview with Brandon L Hood

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Today, I finally got the chance to sit down with the man, the myth, the legend; Mr. Brandon L Hood aka “President Hoodie”, the founder of Chiptunes = WIN! Brandon has been helping us not only bring great chiptunes to the chipmusic community, but also moderating our community to be the best that it possibly can be.

Photo Dec 20, 5 27 35 PM

Uh… Brandon L Hood, everyone.

I’ll skip the pleasantries and get right to the nitty gritty, and ask the hard hitting chiptune questions!


Volume 4 submissions CLOSED! #StayTuned

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And just like that, another ChipWIN Volume submission period has come and gone. 

Now on to the really tough part: THE JUDGING & ROSTER SELECTION.

Rest assured that, for the next week or two, the ChipWIN V.4 Judges Team will be working really gorram hard to get everything squared away as swiftly as we possibly can without sacrificing the integrity of the project (appx 2-3 weeks).

And, of course, as soon as the roster is 100%, we’ll announce it here on the blog & fire out it through all ChipWIN social media salvos!


In the meantime, here’s a very terribly blurred WIP of Nate’s Volume 4 album artwork. #SuchATease ;)

V.4 teaser (color) (more…)

8bitLA & ChipWIN Present: Chiptunes in MISSOURI & ARKANSAS?!? (mini-tour)

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Sup y’all? Prez Hoodie here. For a good while now you’ve heard me chattering on about eventual ChipWIN live shows at some unspecified point in time. While we’ve directly sponsored a good handful already (BRKFest 2013, 8static Fest, & Frequency 3.0 to name a few) and had our hands in a number of other events & happenings (PAX East ChipStage & MAGFest Chipspace among others), we’ve yet to technically “put on our own show”.


Teaming up with Jonathan Pendergrass (aka 8 Bit Jin) of 8bitLA and an array of local chip-talent & friends, we’re bringing a two stop, 6 chipact strong mini-tour smack dab in the middle of nowhere to the MidSouth!! To be specific, these cats:

Awesome Force
Orion Reilly
Thunder Fox Music
Phonetic Hero
8 Bit Jin

Performing at these venues:

The Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, 3/22 


The Smoke and Barrel Tavern in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Sunday 3/23

Want more info? BOOM. Check out the sexy flyers below!!

kansas city chipshow flyer

Chiptunes in Arkansas - show poster (smaller)

Sexcellent flyer by Nate Horsfall of

Chiptunes in Missouri and Arkansas. What’s next? A worldwide chiptour sponsored by Sam Adams Cherry Wheat? One step at a time friends…. ;)

For now, if you’re anywhere in the area (or not! CHIPTUNE ROAD TRIP, BBY!!), come out and have a blast with us at these kickass shows! Bring friends, bring family, bring your Grandpappy & Memaw for all we care! It’s definitely gonna be a helluva time! ^_^

Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie


Fb Events (Missouri show on 3/22 | Arkansas show on 3/23)

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