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ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: ‘DESKTAPE’

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This may come as a rather large shock to you, but here at Chiptunes = WIN, we really like compilations. We really, really like them. And what’s better than listening to a compilation that we put together ourselves? Listening to one that someone else put together! It’s like all the joy of getting a mixtape from your crush without the sweaty palms and the queasy feeling that gets worse the more you try not to think about it (that wasn’t just me, right?). Enter DESKPOP, the new label by FLOOR BABA and Braz_OS. They got all sorts of folks together to drop the last great compo of 2015 – and if you haven’t heard, you’re about to be in for a helluva trip.


Album purchase does not include cactus, sadly.