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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘October (2018)’ by Spaceman Fantastiques

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[Editor’s note: this album was moved elsewhere on Bandcamp well after the article published, so none of the embeds work. ƪ(‾ε‾“)ʃ ]

Happy November, folks!

This month, Spaceman Fantastiques is back with yet another gorgeously articulated record, scoring his life from the previous month, entitled ‘October (2018)’.  Combining a mixture of well mixed sound textures with smartly composed arrangements, this record took me on an adventure that was left waiting to be continued from his last release.

One thing I deeply admire about Spaceman Fantastiques, and a couple reasons I review his work so much, is because I not only love it, but there is also a never ending stream of real creativity that spews out of every variety of instruments used for each album.  A multi-instrumentalist, Spaceman Fantastiques uses each acoustic texture or synthesizer to new brinks of limitations, combining that art with both storytelling and beautiful, listenable music.  This record, and his previous, have been so easy for me to write about because they’ve been so relatable.

Spaceman Fantastiques, courtesy of Bandcamp.

The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘I Just Want to Go Home, Why is that so Difficult?’ by Spaceman Fantastiques

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Happy July, everyone!

Social media has its ups and downs and this month’s blog post will focus on one of its positives: this past month has brought to my attention yet another Spaceman Fantastiques release! ‘I Just Want to Go Home, Why is that so Difficult?’ is an exploration of sound and music used to describe the issues of traveling via plane when you just want to be with your family.  Filled with lo-fi grit, sampling, and on location ambience, Spaceman Fantastiques has a knack for creating poignant narrations through music and sound.


The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews: The Kick.Snare & PULSEWAVE Crew

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Happy June, folks!

The last month has been pretty insane for me. I just moved from Boston to the glorious concrete jungle of NYC for work, and part of my plan is to be closer to the scene here, and other great music scenes I love.  New York City is a breeding ground for inspiration if you look in the right places. There’s always something to do, someone playing a gig, someplace hidden that’s DIY filled with passion projects. There are young people and people who’ve become worldly throughout the decades, taking what they know and using it to hopefully inspire others. This brings me to this month’s article: I wanted to cast some light onto some of the people in these converted warehouses and buildings to showcase the positive difference they’re making with art, visuals, music, sound, and booking.

Last month, I had a really cool opportunity to play at a Kick.Snare event, held in Bushwick. The event is hosted and run by Kris Keyser (also known as ‘Onism’) and Christophe Richard (also known as ‘Note!’).  I’ve also had the opportunity to attend my first PULSEWAVE show, which was the second time I was at Babycastles. This article is about the last month and the kind people I’ve come across at a few NYC events.



The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews & Interviews: The Final I/O

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I’m back again for the second time this month, though this time, I’m here to talk about the last ever regularly held I/O. Held unexpectedly in the back of a busy bar in Bushwick full of the everyday mid-twenty Brooklyn inhabitant, nobody would suspect a chiptune show to roar from the back room of Pine Rock Box Shop. Reminded of a NYC version of Diagon Alley, I watched the room fill at 8:45PM, and I had the opportunity to meet so many kind people I only know from collecting records or from chatting online. Working together to create a creative and interactive environment for those around them, people danced, looked onto the artists’ setups, and most of all, stood as a collective with a strong love towards a vast genre, as the last monthly I/O came to an end.

Jessen Jurado, the show’s director, brought back original veterans of the first ever I/O to close out the last monthly one, hinting that, maybe, an I/O festival may be in the future. Starting with an excellent set of artists owning the open mic (Delphiki on Gameboy and drum pad in a skillfull and on point performance, Iron Curtain with two tracks on Gameboy [one being a birthday tribute to Radlib], Hedonism Bit showcasing Renoise chops, Flow Mein returning yet again to showcase Gameboy knowledge, Hunterquinn expertly running LSDJ, and Card Party amping up the audience even more with more intricate Gameboy beats). Goferboy, Kris Keyser, and Radlib all gave standing ovation performances (I mean, how could the crowd sit when we couldn’t all help but dance?), while diy_destruction and NO CARRIER provided excellent and interactive visuals. Better yet, this I/O landed on Radlib’s birthday, and seeing friends and fellow performers hop on stage and carry him around mid performance is solid proof that while we all want to create and have fun, it’s better to do so when you’re around the people who matter most.

So, without further ado, let’s hear more about the visualists and headliners of Friday’s event.



The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews: Lo-Fi Night at the Middle East Upstairs

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On the night of the 22nd, a bunch of East Coast dwellers got together to perform at The Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, MA. They got together to give the people what they needed for their Saturday night,: and that, my friends, was a night of over the top lo-fi goodness. From the openers to our magical headlinah, the stage was graced by:

Myself, Sam Mulligan, Br1ght Pr1mate, Kris Keyser, and Radlib! Hell. Yes. This article covers the show, what these guys are doing, and how they’re making it happen.