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Chip Mom’s Kitchen #29: Cream Cheese Stuffed Monkey Bread

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Welcome back to my kitchen, ya’ll. Go ahead and grab a seat because today we’re trying something new. Now, we’ve all seen these cute little minute long cooking videos on social media. The ones with catchy names and morning news television music. I’ve always been a bit skeptical of these oh-so-well packaged recipes. Welp, I finally caved to the craving and gave one a shot. H/T to Tasty for the recipe for…

Cream Cheese Stuffed Monkey Bread



Chip Mom’s Kitchen #28: Peanut Butter Rice Pudding

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Greetings to mah chipKIDS!  Welcome back to Chip Mom’s Kitchen with everybody’s extra mom, Chip Mom! And nothing says insistent Momming like overfeeding with rich, yummy, delectable delights! I have one such treat to share with you today. Something to fill your belly to bursting with happiness…

Peanut Butter Rice Pudding



Chip Mom’s Kitchen #27: Double Chocolate Cookies

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Greetings ChipWINners!  Welcome to Chip Mom’s Kitchen, which this week has the honor of being The ChipWIN Blog’s 500th publication! If you keep up with the happenings in the ChipRealm, then you may have noticed that Chiptunes = WIN got together with the folks over at Groupees to put together a hella sweet chiptune Bundle of WIN (linked below!).  Along with that bundle came a few fabulous prizes, not the least of which (in my not-so-humble opinion) was a batch of cookies provided by yours truely!  Chiptune artist JKLOL was the lucky winner (song below!), and today you are going to join me in the making of said prize and learn all about…

Double Chocolate Cookies



Hoodie Highlights… Christian Blunda of Groupees!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with the final 2015 edition of my interview column, Hoodie Highlights! Wrapping up what has been a really fun series of discussions throughout the year, I’m chatting with another do-er of all the things, Christian Blunda of Groupees! Read on to learn a bit about the organization behind all of the magical music & gaming bundles. Enjoy!

Groupees Banner (more…)

ChipWIN & Groupees Presents: ‘Bundle of WIN’

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with an extra special announcement today! Namely…

CW groupees

That’s right! As of Noon Eastern today (Monday, Dec 7th), we’re presenting you with the fantastic holiday opportunity to grab not only a brand spankin’ new 10 track ChipWIN compilation, ‘Bundle of WIN‘, but also 10+ albums from all of the artists involved in the comp! And everything provided through the fantastic folks at! (more…)