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Glenntai Got: ‘Magenta’ by Seajeff

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There comes a time in everyone’s adventure in music where one asks, “Is there such thing as ‘too much of a good thing’?” It’s easy to summarize your viewpoint on life in this question. This question, however, gets immediately muddled by the existence of Magenta by Seajeff (fka C-Jeff); founder of the gateway to a ton of excellent progressive jams known as Ubiktune. There’s literally so much content and so much quality that the answer is either “no, there’s no such thing as ‘too much of a good thing,’” or I’m now a self-declared hedonistic opportunist. Maybe the answer’s both at this point, but let’s save that quandary for another time. This album is a badass journey through time and demands a listen, and after the jump I’ll give some examples (and a music video) for you to understand why.

Album art by Taylor Crisdale (alt. cover by Diana Jakobsson).


Stokin’ the Forge – Retro-Active Pt. 1 Remixed by Keiji Yamagishi

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The February release of Keiji Yamagishi Retro-Active Pt. 1 on the Brave Wave label was a pretty big deal. Our very own Glenntai has an in-depth review if you need to get up to speed for June’s release of an amazing set of remixes. Not only did it include artists that we’re all pretty familiar with from the get go, but Brave Wave held a global contest to take the headline slot on the release. On the 10th of June, that collection dropped for the world to enjoy. I could name drop all I want, but we all know the proof is in the pudding. Join me beyond the fold for the play by play.

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Stokin’ the Forge – ‘The Blossoming Years’ by MmcM

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A pleasant the end of May to one and all of the ChipWIN nation! This month, it was my distinct pleasure to review ‘The Blossoming Years’ by Russian artist MmcM.  This Ubiktune release is a collection of his early works, spanning 1999 to 2001.  Mmcm composed all but two of the tracks on the album using a ZX-Spectrum and ProTracker 3.  Mikhail Ivashenko and Oleg Nikitin each contributed a remix to the album, in the way of ‘Bugs in My Mind‘ and ‘Changeability‘ respectively.

Mmcm's Blossoming YearsThis album is truly epic in scope, weighing in with a hefty 24 tracks.  I really enjoyed and appreciated most of the tracks that are here, but I can only give a fitting review to just a handful of them in the space I have.  As such, these are the four tracks that were my absolute favorites on the collection.  By no means does that mean the other twenty aren’t worth checking out.  They are, and I encourage you to take your own listen, and find your own, be it four or all of them.  With that out of the way, let’s dive in.


Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 4

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Hey guys! Welcome back to Quick Shots! I hope this New Year is treating you well and that you guys are pumped and prepped for the upcoming slew of events starting next week! Whether it’s MAGFest or PAXSouth, Frequency or Rockage, the next few weeks are looking fantastic!  But if by some chance you aren’t feeling the power of upcoming events surging through your veins, perhaps these two albums up for review will help turn that around! Let’s get started!

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Hoodie Highlights… C-jeff!

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Sup y’all? =) Prez Hoodie here once again, this time with the final entry in my special Volume 3 judges interview series! Appropriate, as the V.3 judging is finally wrapped up and we’re all excitedly awaiting it’s release on September 1st. In the meantime, check out this chat with the Russian progchip master, C-jeff! ENJOY!C-jeff


8-Bit Banter with DjjD: ‘Wintertunes’

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DjjD here.

In my time here as a blogger, I’ve had the opportunity to choose my own album reviews, chat with some really great artists, and explore creative opportunities I would’ve otherwise been unable to without the help of Chiptunes = WIN. For this entry, I called upon another chip advocate, my girlfriend. At some point in the middle of – I think – a discussion about programming, I asked her, “If you had to choose one chiptune album to listen to, what would it be?” Puzzled, she searched around her hard drive for the next few minutes and came back to me. On one hand I have to say, I’m not entirely surprised at the choice she had made. On the other hand, I’m glad it was another album released through Ubiktune.

That’s right, the Ubiktune love train keeps-a-flowin’ in this article. I really can’t help myself, it’s too much goodness for one label. With that, the decision was made. She chose ‘Wintertunes‘, a compilation of chill and refreshing tunes from 11 different artists.

You have quite a full range of tunes to choose from on this one. Whether it’s light and fun, or darker with a much more ominous tone, the mixture of things is quite pleasant, save for a few tracks.

The album starts out perfectly, “Magic Snow is White and Slow“, generates a light-hearted, whimsical resonance with a flute-like chip that embraces the brisk, invigorating draft just as you take that first breath outside, just before the sun rises. The impact of it all sends a chill down your spine and by the second track, the sun has set; you’re in survival mode battling harsh arctic conditions and yetis as the snow waves crash over the mountainside. You can almost picture a wind sample playing the background. *end wind.wav*

Derris-Kharlan’s track “Reconciliation” feels like the conclusion of the odyssey even though it’s the 4th track on the album. It’s a great tune, but feels very unnatural in the course of the album. ‘Cough Syrup Overdose’ wins the top spot in the album for me. Jazzy? Yes. Chiptunes? Yes. Chord progressions a plenty, this tune certainly goes all over the place; it’s lively, easy to groove to. It’s like if Vince Guaraldi had access to a tracker, this would be some of the music represented in the Peanuts NES game.

Bordering on 4 years old, if you’ve never heard this album since it’s release back in 2010, you’re missing out. Each song has its own unique essence to bring to the table, and while some of the songs might feel weird from time to time, it’s an enjoyable album. With lots of very talented artists such as Blitz Lunar, coda & surasshu, and a $0 price tag, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get this. I’ve listened to this for years and since I haven’t seen any reviews of it online, this is my gift to you. Please hold your applause.

But seriously, today’s my girlfriend’s birthday. Happy birthday, Parvathi, ya 23 year old goofball. :)

Thanks for reading.

Stay Classy,

P.S. This will be my last article for a month or so, gonna take a small hiatus for makin’ more music. \m/

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