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The President’s Manifesto: Beer & Chip Vol.7

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with the first of my beer and chiptune review columns in quite some time! I know, I know; you’re all wondering, “Brandon, what in the hell made you think to knock the dust off that ol’ thing and bring it back?” In a few words:

Shitty Miller Lite and Bud Melvin

Why Miller Lite? Who cares. It sucks ( actually gives it a zero lol).

The lengths I go to for chiptune journalism....

The lengths I go to for chiptune journalism….

Let’s get on to the real reason for this article: the music. Specifically, Bud Melvin‘s latest release, ‘CNTRY & NESTRNT’.

bud melvin

Photo and design by Jessica Billey.


The President’s Manifesto: Beer & Chip Vol.1

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Sup y’all? =) Da Prez here. As you may (or may not’ve…) noticed, in recent months I’ve taken on a primarily managerial & editing role here on the blog & relinquished the bulk of the writing to those better suited for the task (the internet can only handle so much ALL CAPS & escamashun pernts before spontaneously combusting after all…).

Today… that all goes straight to hell in a dickbutt shaped hand basket.

To be more specific, I’m debuting my brand new monthly column, which revolves around two of my greatest loves in life:

Beer & Chiptunes.

Each month I’m going to (attempt to) pair a particular type of beer with an individual chipartist/chipalbum, & explain my reasons for said pairing. To be honest, I have no idea whether this’ll work out or not, but at minimum you’ll at least get a new brew & chipalbum to check out, right? RIGHT.

On that note, time to introduce this month’s combo! And it may very well be the easiest, most understandable pairing (& possibly the last if I get blackballed thanks to it! hahah) I ever make:

Pabst Blue Ribbon & Solarbear.

Why? Because they both sux.

BOOM. Done. Thanks for reading!

Here’s a picture of me drinking a far less craptastic lager while *NOT* listening to Solarbear. In Florida no less.












Okay, seriously. While Pabst’s ‘American Style Premium Lager’ aka “Poor man’s anger juice” (credit to Kuma for this apt title) is not the most fantastic brew ever created, it is a passable lager in a pinch (i.e. it’s on special at the bar, someone else bought it for you, you’re in college and don’t know better, you’re too drunk to care, etc). In fact “-shrugs- You can drink it” should be its official motto in my opinion.

BRK Pabst

Unfortunate photographic evidence that I *will* actually consume Pabst when no other options are available.









On the other hand, the multi-talented chipartist & (BRK)fest organizer Curtis Ware aka Solarbear is so far from this mediocre brew in quality that it’s downright laughable (as is any true notion that “he sux”). You’ve only to listen to his progtastic, metal influenced debut ‘Solarbear Daisuki’ for indisputable proof of this.

Both the intricate rhythms & catchy melodic work that make up the bulk of this album show musical proficiency that belie the fact Curtis has only been making chiptunes for two years (although he has been musically involved in some form or fashion for around 16 years!). From the mosh-pit worthy ‘Mu’ & ‘Pterodactyls’, to the driven, determined  ‘Manic Compression’, to the slightly “slower” yet fantastically infectious grooves of ‘chasingkitsune’ & ‘The Padstow Missile Crisis’, this 6 track release has easily remained one of my favorite chipalbums since it dropped last January.

And then there’s my favorite track of all, the all too important lesson on ‘How to Properly Use a Semicolon’. At first it seems a bit out of place on this mostly thrash-based album, with its swingy, extremely lighthearted bluegrass feel (Curtis is from Kentucky after all).
And then it stole my heart. There’s not a time that I listen to this indubitable anthem that a big grin doesn’t break out on my face & I feel the need to dance a happy jig.
In summation, #FEELSGOODMAN.

My sole complaint is regarding the title of the album. Mostly for it’s missed opportunity of instead being called ‘Catgurlz With Big Thighs :3’, which is what I always lovingly refer to it as. Because, I mean… DAT ALBUM ART. RIGHT?? RIGHT. 8)

Photo of Solarderp in action by Daniel Parisi.








So while the beer & chips pairing in this inaugural column is undoubtedly a joke, the chipmusic side of it is most definitely not. And neither is the man responsible for creating it. Cheers to you, Turtis! And until next time, cheers to the rest of ya!! I’m off to drink on the beach now.

Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie

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