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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Divergence’ by DjjD

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This time of year is special; everyone affected by winter’s chill thaws out with the earth once warmer weather hits. Every year at this time, I always try to listen to a new playlist to compliment being able to spend more time outside and enjoying nature. This month’s review is a special new release by DjjD (who was previously part of the ChipWIN staff!) called ‘Divergence’.

This album makes you think, it fills the silence in car rides spent driving through repetitive scenes, and it expands roots by using chip elements complimented with more atmospheric textures. DjjD not only demonstrates his compositional technique, but also showcases solid production chops, the gorgeous voice of Parvarthi Gopinath and live violin played by Jeff Ball. Taking these elements and creating it into one solid project, this album flows cohesively and reminds me of the perfect score for an advertisement.


Artwork by Alex Kelly



Chris Considers: ‘Don’t Be Anxious’ by little-scale

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Last week was downright facemelting here on the ChipWIN blog. It all started with Joe’s review of Danimal Cannon’s shredtacular new progressive chiprock masterpiece ‘Lunaria’, and ended with Glenntai’s curated collection of chipthrash that’s enough to make your ears bleed. Well, it’s freaking Monday again. Time to take things down many notches and focus on something much more ambient in nature. This gives me the opportunity not only to highlight a revered veteran of the chipmusic scene, little-scale (Sebastian Tomczak), but also to showcase just how versatile artists within the chiprealm can be, covering every inch of the musical spectrum. If you’re looking to relax, get lost in deep introspection, and otherwise decompress, then look no further than little-scale’s recently released EP, ‘Don’t Be Anxious’.



Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 6

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Hey everybody!  Welcome back to Quick Shots, the album review column where I take aim at some new goodies at you and let you know if you’re getting some serious bang for your buck!  This month, I’ve got two snappy EPs that together make a nice little tray of auditory tapas for your every growing aural palette!  So please, sit back, relax, and allow me to play waiter as I offer you a few specials from Libla and Klutchmusic!



Stoking the Forge: ‘Damoiseau + Canalx’ by aliceffekt

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Greetings to one and all ChipWINizens joining us for this wonderful “Pumpkin Spice” edition of Stoking the Forge.  This month, my attention turns to the heavily spiced late August release by aliceffekt, ‘Damoiseau + Canalx’.


And that is the end of that gag.

aliceffekt is the alias of the interactive developer Devine Lu Linvega, a globe-trotting adventurer possessing multiple artistic talents, predominantly focused on drawing, programming and musical expression.

‘Damoiseau + Canalx’ was a side project for aliceffekt, worked on while his next full release was coming together.  He described it as an exploration of industrial and darkstep in the spirit of his previous release, ‘Blam, Le Passage Sacrilege‘.

The circumstances of production really captured my attention.  ‘Damoiseau + Canalx’ was recorded as it was played live at the final AMP event at Passport in Montreal.  It was released as it was played that night, displaying an unwavering self-assurance in his skill that I respect.

The music itself is as murky and percussive as one would expect from anything sporting labels like “industrial” and “dark”.  That just serves as a nice bit of backdropping, and isn’t the end-all definition of this release.  Each track has its own defining characteristics that demand a closer look, so let’s get down to it!


Stoking the Forge: Moon Mountain by Temple Maps

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IMG_20140530_212910Elias Foley, otherwise known as Temple Maps is one of the more esoteric Chip-musicians I’ve had the pleasure of covering yet.  I first encountered his work a couple months ago at the May meeting of Portland’s DataPort.  With a chill and ambient style, his set stood in stark contrast to his fellow performers (bryface and Rhinostrich) sharing the stage with him that night, and left me with a positive impression.

As a driving force behind Portland’s Battery Powered Music, Temple Maps utilizes a wide array of battery powered equipment in the making of his music.  This orchestra of devices is made plainly apparently in his debut on the Lifelike Family label, Moon Mountain.

On the surface, this album is a welcome entry in the list of ambient chill chip music.  Looking deeper, Temple Maps’ work here mixes the meditative and the haunting to produce sounds that impressively achieve their artistic aims.