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Nonfinite Explores: Dragon Warrior – ‘World of Darkness, World of Light’

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I’m excited, folks. It appears Harrison Lemke, the prolific artist of many names from Austin, TX has been precisely as productive as he told me he’d be when I interviewed him in my last podcast episode. It was an enlightening interview for me, and I came away from it with heightened appreciation for the lo-fi aesthetic. Harrison works with a 4-track tape recorder, which brings some limitations, and with it, altered creative output. His project Dragon Warrior stays true to the form I saw previously in Pastoral II with an expanded instrumental palette.



Nonfinite Explores: Pocket Fox – SALTWATER

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I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, chip citizens. Perhaps it’s these cloudy, gray skies here in London, England. I’m accustomed to a bit more variation, a bit more sun back where I’m from in the U.S.A. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little rain every once in awhile, and I like the mildness of the weather here; I’m certainly not a humidity fan. I’m just after a little change from time to time.

I sat down at my tiny hotel desk this dreary morning of Monday, August 24th to get to writing my monthly blog entry for ChipWIN with my current sensibilities, desires, and emotional state in mind. “Something different would be nice today,” I thought to myself as I began to peruse over the several sources I go to when finding my next would-be review.

pocketfox-saltwater (more…)

Nonfinite Explores: Rymdkraft – ‘Space Force’

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Ever the procrastinator, (sorry, Chris and Hoodie!) I sat down just after the turn of July to figure out what exactly it was I wanted to review this month for my scheduled entry on the sixth.  I had done a review of Brother Android’s Pastoral II just a few weeks prior, and, late last week, followed it up with an illuminating interview of said artist for my new podcast, the 8 Bit Road Trip I left both of these experiences with a better understanding of a particular way of writing music, but I wanted to do something completely different this month. Browsing through the recent releases posted on The ChipWIN blog, I came upon ‘Space Force’ by Rymdkraft. I had seen the album advertised on Facebook previously, and decided to give it a go.


Nonfinite Explores: PANDAstar – ‘FOUND’

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pandastar - anthony's review

Man oh man folks, has my brain been addled lately! About four days ago, I sat down to work on my review of PANDAstar’s new album, ‘FOUND’, recently released via the kawaii8bit netlabel. I had everything put together and ready to release today, and do you know what? Turns out I’d reviewed the wrong album; I went straight to ‘TROPOSPHERE’ and completely spaced ‘FOUND’! Derp.

El Presidente, Mr. Hoodie, was kind enough to notify me this morning of the error, and I vowed to get the correct album reviewed in time for the scheduled May 4th release… right after chocolate chip pancakes and a screening of the classic French short film, “The Red Balloon” with a friend, (slumber party!), which I had not seen previously.

Later that morning, I was a few songs into PANDAstar’s ‘FOUND’, and the film, which had been pulled up on YouTube, looped. PANDAstar’s music continued to play as the credits began to roll. As I switched tabs, fully intending to halt the repeating film, its own beautiful orchestral music playing, I paused. “Wait a minute,” I thought. “This is in the same key.” I started to pay closer attention. “You’re blowing my mind right now!” my friend exclaimed. She was already very familiar with this film. (more…)