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The Post-MAG MAG Post: 2019 Highlights

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I would like to start this article off with an apology. Longtime fans of the blog may know that, generally, if I’m writing a post-event retrospective (i.e. PAX East or MAGFest) I make it a point to not only cover the music but also the various games I played at the event – highlighting indie games is one of my favorite things to do, as it helps smaller devs get some much needed press. Unfortunately, due to my increased duties helping sling merch at Chipspace this year, I was unable to play any games at MAG, so this year’s review is limited to the chiptune showcases that I caught at both Chipspace & main stage. Which isn’t to say there’s not a lot to talk about, because holy balls, there were a lot of awesome showcases at both venues! 

Stellar show poster, as always, from Faerie Fire Design!

Hoodie Highlights… Marshall Art!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here. After taking a month off for MAGFest craziness, I’m back with a brand new edition of my interview column, Hoodie Highlights! This one features a fun & informative chat with a lovely couple of bracketheads who just rocked faces at MAGFest 13 & released a killer new album!

Of course I’m talking about the dynamic duo of jmr & streifig of Marshall ArtEnjoy!

Marshall Art at MAG 13. Photo by GTX Media.

Marshall Art & Pixelseed at MAG 13. Photo by GTX Media.


Chris Considers: ‘Invitations’ by Awesome Force

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MAGFest has come and gone, and we’re all busy reconstructing our melted faces. There has been a flurry of incredible album releases to coincide with the MAGFest season, and ‘Invitations’ by Awesome Force is among the most anticipated. With multiple MAGFest and BRKFest performances under his belt, as well as his performance in Arkansas last year which I’ve previously highlighted, Awesome Force (Sean Baker) has been a well-known entity within the chiptune scene for quite a while. The release of his first full-length album via the CheapBeats netlabel fills a gap that we’ve been waiting to see filled, and it’s a cosmic experience that is nothing short of astounding.

Awesome Force performs at MAGFest 13.

Awesome Force at MAGFest 13.


MAGFest 13: Chipspace & More!!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, ready and willing to give y’all the full skinny on…

MAGFest 13 Chiptune Shenanigans!

m13 banner


Probably not, but here goes anyway!

MAGFest 13 Chiptune Showcase 1 of 2:

When: Saturday, Jan 24th, 3 – 6pm

Where: MAGFest Main Stage



Soundcloud Teaser #1:


Show 1 - jpeg

BADASS flyer by Adam Shub aka Squarepainter.

Full info via the official MAGFest 13 announcement HERE & full performers page HERE.

MAGFest 13 Chiptune Showcase 2 of 2:

When: Sunday, Jan 25th, 11pm – 2am

Where: MAGFest Main Stage



Soundcloud Teaser #2:



AMAZEBALLS flyer by Drip Viola aka ohhinaifu.

Full info via the official MAGFest 13 announcement HERE & full performers page HERE.


Finished M13 Chipspace flyer (both - half rez)

AWESOMESAUCE posters by pixie druid (formerly Pixel Pixie Apparel & Promotions).

What’s Chipspace you ask? Simple!

Chipspace is MAGFest’s chiptune open mic stage, which is available to any and all MAGFest attendees interested in & capable of performing chipmusic at MAG.
(tl;dr – It’s a Jamspace for chiptunes yo!).

marshall art chipspace

Marshall Art being the epitome of amazeballs at MAG 12 Chipspace.

In other words, if you’re coming to MAGFest 13 and want to perform some chiptunes,
Chipspace is the place for you. This year we’ll even be setup for visualists to hook up and jam along as wellIT’S A CHIP PARTY FOR EVERYONE.


M13 Chipspace Showcases Flyer

HELLA AWESOME flyer by Jason Rosa and Justin Franco of Play It Loud/Kawaii 8 Bit.


  • LSDJ Masterclass w/Storm Blooper: Turning Your Old Game Boy Into a Musical InstrumentSat, 1/24 1:30pm – 2:30pm
  • Others TBA (or not; we may just drink beer instead lulz)

& stuff.

More info on Chipspace HERE. Chipspace guidelines HERE.

Welp, I reckon that covers pretty much everything M13 chiptune this time around.

hype train



As always, only one thing left to say….

SEE Y’ALL AT MOTHERFUCKING MAGFEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie
Founder & Project Manager of Chiptunes = WIN

MAGFest: | Twitter | Facebook | M13 Fb Event | M13 Schedule

MAGFest 13 Chiptune Showcases:
Announcement #1 | Announcement #2

General Information | Guidelines

V.3 Logo - (250x250 pix for blog) magfest

~Last updated 1/19/15 [Final]~

The President’s Manifesto: Beer & Chip Vol.5

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MAGFest 12 has come and gone, leaving in its wake the usual horde of happily exhausted nerdy folk (my newly engaged self included of course! ).Tho I’ll be damned if I fall prey to PMD (Post-MAGFest Depression)! Got WAAAAY too much awesome to do this year!! =D

And on that note, time to rock on with today’s most excellent beer & chip pairing:

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout &
D&D Sluggers

While admittedly few in number, most of the “chocolate” brews I’ve sampled have not been much to my liking (generally a bit too chocolately, sweet and/or rich). That said there’s something about Young’s Double Chocolate Stout that gets it just right for me.

st louie hoodie

I am totes a fan. *TOTES*. #Totes

It’s a genuinely smooth, flavorful stout with just enough chocolate added to give it a bit of extra magic. The chocolate isn’t overpowering though; it’s present, sure, but it doesn’t take over the entire brew (the “Double Chocolate” part of the name is derived from the mix of chocolate malt & actual dark chocolate added to the brew). Honestly, the chocolate is more apparent in the aroma than it is the actual flavor, which is fortunate because it smells just a tad too sweet, chocolately, and rich for my tastes. When it hits the tongue, though, you get a really fair balance of pretty much all of the elements that make up this positively delightful brew.

The intertoobz are overwhelmingly approving of this tasty stout as well; gives it an astoundingly high 98 overall. For a notoriously picky group of beer nerds (and on the internet for that matter) that’s one helluva consensus!

While Young’s Double Chocolate Stout isn’t a brew that I’d want to drink everyday (would be the fast track to a solid beer gut!), it’s a sincere pleasure when I’m in the mood for it.

On the other hand, today’s equally delicious & chocolate chiptune counterpart, D&D Sluggers, is always a pleasure. #AWYEAHBBY 8) In fact, I’d go so far as to label them as one of my favorite combos of chip (LSDj & DS-10), soulful vox, guitar, & keys yet!

D&D sluggers

Bringing the aforementioned array of instruments, D&D Sluggers merges numerous musical genres with fun, solid songwriting, and an engaging & entertaining live performance. This chipact is definitely a party. See their most recent full length release ‘This Album is a Party‘ for evidence of such.

Recorded at Red Room Recording in Leland, NC, this 10 track release from mid 2011 is a mix of interactive party anthems (‘Jam of the Year’, ‘Alive’, ‘She’s Got a Job’, ‘Johnny Depp’) soulfully funky joints (‘Gloria’ [DAT HARMONICA], ‘Walk’, ‘Very Direct’) and all around danceable jams (‘Wicked Touch’, ‘I Will Not Be There’, ‘Brodown’); overall, it’s a quality set of extraordinarily catchy tunes. While I didn’t stumble across it until mid 2012, it has quickly become one of my go-to albums, period. Particularly on craptastic days; it always brings me out of a funk. It’s just too damn fun to stay bummed while jamming.

If I had to pick a favorite track, it would easily be ‘Very Direct’. Such a damn groovy, chill jam. I HIT REPEAT EVERY TIEM. Specifically at 3 o’clock.

Also, I REALLY LOVE the handful of various VGM motifs that are carefully worked into several of the songs in various forms and fashions (chiptune taboos be damned!!); sometimes very subtly, sometimes not so subtly. I’d point them out, but I really don’t want to ruin the fun. Listen closely (sometimes not so closely) and you’ll surely catch ’em. ;)

Although to clarify once and for all (or not, lulz~), where D&D was once two crazy cats (Dustin Overcash & Tim “soultron” White), the current iteration is purely the soultron show (Dustin left the act mid-summer 2013 for work related stuffs, taking his keys & LSDj with him :*( ). And to be honest, it’s this version of D&D Sluggers that I’ve personally become the most familiar with; particularly the live aspect.

thug life tim


I caught Tim performing live a good handful of times in 2013 (at PAX East Jamspace, twice on the “This Tour is a Party” tour, at MAGFest: Game Over Durham, and, of course, at the recent craziness of MAGFest 12’s Chipspace party). Tim’s level of hilarious banter, tongue-in-cheek humor, & general interactivity with the crowd is levels beyond that of the typical chiptune perfromer. He brings an energy, and maybe even additional level of accessibility (the ability to sing along is always a plus there), that isn’t always found at a chiptune show. & I LOVE IT.

#REALTALK: I love Tim’s soulful singing voice a whole gorram lot. Everything about D&D Sluggers is super swell, but I could totes listen to him sing all damn day long (in fact, I did today while writing this article! -swoons- ). How often does one say that about a chiptune act? ;)

Regarding new jams, don’t be surprised to see a new EP and/or full length release from the now one man party sometime this year (hopefully? Tim? TIM???). It’ll no doubt be comprised of finalized versions of some/all of the demos found via this Soundcloud set, which is fine with me as they’re some damn good jams. Most of them I’ve heard live performances of (‘About Time’ & ‘XX demo” in particular), and they’re some of Tim’s strongest compositions yet.


And thus ends my first chip & beer write-up of 2014! It’s a pretty damn good combo of tasty chocolate chiptune & beer to start the year off right if you ask me. Which you didn’t. But I don’t care. 8) Until next month, cheers y’all!!

Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie

D&D Sluggers:
D& | Bandcamp | Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

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