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Kuma’s Quick Shots #22: Libla, Mint℠, & SemiProcastinator

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Welcome back to Quick Shots: the monthly album review column in which I seek out some of the newest music the scene has to offer and do my best to help you determine if something is worth your time.  This month, I have three albums from some lesser known artists who offer unique listening experiences from one another.  One wants to see you get down on that dance floor and strut your stuff. The second wants to share a moment in time in with you as they reflect on their life in relative solitude. The last wants you to indulge in some work they’ve contributed to an upcoming game that is just as easy to groove to as it is to zone out to it.  With such a wide offering of experiences on the table this month, I think we should jump right in.  Join me as I dissect sophomore releases from Libla and SemiProcastinator, and take a closer look at Mint℠’s third LP.


Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 16

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Yo, what’s up ChipWINners? Welcome back to Quick Shots: the album review column where I give you the nitty gritty of some of the newest music to hit the scene, then offer you a numerical little tl;dr to help you decide if an album is right for you. This month, I’ll be examining two high energy LPs that showcase some very different talents and styles.  One is from a well known artist in the scene, and the other is a new face looking for their time to shine. Let’s not waste anymore time. Grab a seat and some headphones, and get ready to shake that booty, because this month we’re checking out the latest from DJ SUPER SONIC and Katherine Allan!

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Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 11

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Yo, wassup ChipWINners, and welcome back to Quick Shots: the album review column where I break down the highs and lows of an album, then give you a numerical tl;dr to help you determine if it’s right for you! This month, I have music from two acts out of Europe who have been featured on the blog before, but are vastly different in their musical offerings. One of these artists is someone who is incredibly popular in the scene and has been featured on ChipWIN compilations before.  The other is a band who blurs the line between chiptune and more traditional synth and noise music, even going so far as to refer to their music as Dadaist. If that doesn’t have you raising your eyebrow in intrigue, I don’t know what will! So without further delay, I’d like you guys to join me as I review music by Corkscrew No. 4453556 and DJ-PIE!

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Raw Cuts With Kuma #24: My Parents Favorite Music

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Hey, ChipWINners!  Welcome back to Raw Cuts!  It’s been a while since I’ve done an interview! My last was with the amazing Alex Mauer, and I wanted to do an interview with someone who’s just as fantastic. I am certain I did just that. With more than fifteen years of music production under her belt, this artist is one of the select few who has found success and garnered attention by combining the lyrical gymnastics of hip hop with the high energy instrumentation that vgm and chiptune have to offer.  She has an impressive array of albums in her portfolio, has worked with other big names such as Professor Shyguy and MC Chris on several occasions, and been on a slew of live performances. With all that, it’s very unlikely you haven’t heard of her or her music. Let’s not delay any longer.  Sit back, relax, and join me as I enjoy a lovely conversation with Steffeny Messinger aka My Parents Favorite Music!



Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘FriendChip’ by Yoann Turpin

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Time to get down and funkay with some surly-swirly funkadillio with ‘FriendChip’ by Yoann Turpin!


‘FriendChip’ by Yoann Turpin is a fourteen track album created, as quoted on FriendChip’s Bandcamp page, “with my lovely Korg synths: Kronos, M3 and Polysix Emulation. Also: Alesis Micron, Yamaha EX 5, Roland Juno D and Nordlead 2X for the chip parts, my Akai MPC 1000, Kaossilator Pro and the great Reaper”. Yoann takes several successful explorational deviations from ‘FriendChip’s core funk feel, and many of them are solid home runs.

Click play on the track embed below and sink into ‘FriendChip Overture’ to get a feel for this thoughtful, laid back album.

Yoann employs a lot of bold, quirky sounds to create the songs of ‘FriendChip’, including notable kazoo-like accompaniments in the song ‘Slikk Time’, the entire Tron-esque intro during ‘Final Bit on the String’ and the straight up boss-mode showdown harmonies in ‘Presh-Influence’. The conscious attempt to scour the corners of the sound bin for inspiration culminates in an album that touches many different musical worlds without spreading itself too thin.

Hit play on the embed below and take a listen to ‘Never Ask Why’ for a beautiful change of the album’s pace into a piano based melody, shifting into soft, echoing chip tones for an inquisitive lullaby track.

‘Never Ask Why’ is a remarkable change of pace in a primarily chip-funk album, underscoring Turpin’s ability to colour outside the lines compositionally. ‘Never Ask Why’ will be a standout favourite for many listeners, and is a highly recommended must-listen if you are on the fence about purchasing the album.

Just when you think you have a handle on the direction ‘FriendChip’ is taking, Yoann cranks the wheel and sends you down a completely new fork in the musical road with ‘Sensei Alpha’: harnessing the wondrous melodies of the erhu and infusing a deep asian flavour alongside the chip-funk Turpin has established throughout the album. ‘Sensei Alpha’ rightfully deserves a spotlight for its improvisational melodic riffs,

‘FriendChip’ continues to surprise with shifts and changes toward the last third of the album with ‘Swords and Spears’, which includes prophetic lyrics and vocals provided by Joe Cimatti. Immersive, purposeful, and and completely complimentary to Turpin’s track, ‘Swords and Spears’ alone is reason enough to consider supporting Turpin’s continued musical pursuits with a digital purchase of this album.

‘FriendChip’ is an album that surprises and succeeds with its brave combinations and tangents into uncharted chip waters. But hey, sometimes you’ve got to be brave to make new friends, or chiptunes for that matter. :)

FriendChip by Yoann Turpin is available now on Bandcamp for €7 (just under $9US).

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