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‘Chips = FLIPPED’ Full Review

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Heya folks! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Brandon here to introduce our full review of the latest ChipWIN compilation, ‘Chips = FLIPPED‘!

In case you’ve been living under a rock with no wifi the last few weeks, what we’ve got for you here today in this ‘Chips = FLIPPED’ review is a full track-by-track breakdown of an amazing new cover compilation; it features a litany of extraordinarily talented artists from in and around the VGM & chip communities covering previously released tracks from the increasingly vast ChipWIN discography. Sound crazy? Wait until you actually get it in your earholes. ಠ‿↼

On that note, take it away, Viridian Forge!


Paul’s Pantry: ‘Kiss/Corrupt/Kill’ EP by Mizkai

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Hello beautiful people and thank you for reading The ChipWIN Blog! Today let’s steer clear from technobabble, we’re here to burst Techno Bubbles together with the Marvellous Mizkai! Hailing from her northern homeland in Wales, Mizkai has been sort of a missing link between Japan and the Isles for a few years now, channelling Japanese and Internet hardcore-sugar-pop culture into her stage alter-ego, and distilling it into the strongest, sweetest cuppa teas ever brewed on this side of the globe.

Even though Mizkai has been around in the scene for quite some time already, dishing out some truly tasty jams on her SoundCloud, she never was much of a fan of “big” or “official” releases, nor did she seem to need it to ascertain her musical and visual identity as an artist. ‘Kiss/Corrupt/Kill’ is an updated, enhanced and somewhat more mature version of her EP ‘Nintendork’, previously published on Bandcamp and sadly, no longer available.

But long before these releases already, Mizkai had been a driving force in the UK Chiptune scene, and where she shone the brightest was live. Quite literally so, might I add. Having had the pleasure of sharing a stage with her and witnessing her awe-inspiring, relentless performance, I was very excited when I heard about this EP. As you know, good jams go well with toast, so I had to be the one to review it. Here’s a selection of my personal favourite tracks.

Actual real-life portrait of Mizkai, by Mizkai.


Sam Sher’s Year In Review

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So that was a year huh.

A lot of good things happened. A lot of bad things happened. But most importantly, a lot of chiptune things happened! In this here article, I’ll be going over my highlights of this year both in terms of releases and shows!

So get ready to go down memory lane!

Me thinking about life & chiptune & junk.


Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5 [Tracks 11 – 20]

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Welcome to the second day of reviews for the newly-released Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5! As a reviewer, this is a really interesting way of breaking down such a large compilation because we essentially have a separate ‘album’ worth of incredibly diverse material to prepare for dissection, while still relating it to Volume 5 as a whole. I have the distinct pleasure of going over tracks 11-20, which contain some of the best melodic, heavy, and just plain weird tunes on the compilation. Here we go!

V.5 art



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Another year, another MAGFest. Ho-hum. Just a bunch of nerds together playing videogames in an overpriced hotel, I don’t get what’s so sp-


GUYS. I’M SO SORRY. Someone locked me in a basement and sent a robot clone to sabotage this article -all in an attempt to make you think that MAGFest SUCKS! DON’T LISTEN TO IT. MAGFEST IS BEST FEST! The person who is Adam Seats and is definitely probably not a robot clone is here once again to give you the rundown on all the great music you missed because you weren’t there/were there but were doing something else/were there but can’t remember because of REASONS.


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