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Intense Tech with Defense Mech – LSDj Wave Synth Deep Dive Part 2

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Hello, I’m Defense Mechanism and welcome back to Intense Tech! Join in as we explore the features of LSDj in depth with the ultimate goal of helping you, the reader, level up your understanding of the program!

In this tutorial we’ll continue covering what one needs to understand the Wave channel synth! Last time we covered Signal, Volume, Filter, Cutoff, and Q. This time we’re specifically getting into the wave synth parameters of Dist, Phase, Vshift, and Limit. We’re going to show you how to add some real noisy crunch to your wave sounds! By the end you should have a great idea of how to get any kind of sound out of the wave channel, from a silky smooth lead to a gnarly crunchy bass.


Intense Tech con Defense Mech – Análisis del sintetizador del canal Wave en LSDj. Parte uno

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Artículo Original de DEFENSE MECHANISM. Traducción al Español por Pixel Guy.

¡Hola, soy Defense Mechanism! Bienvenidos a la primera entrega de Intense Tech, donde daremos un vistazo detallado a algunas de las características de LSDj para continuar con el espíritu de la Charla tecnológica de Paul. Mi objetivo es compartir conocimiento y sabiduría que pase a las siguientes generaciones de chiptuners, ¡la intención es crear un ejército de maestros en el bleepbloopin’!

El tutorial inaugural cubrirá lo qué se necesita para comprender el sintetizador del canal Wave. Específicamente los parámetros de Signal, Filter, Volume, Q, y Cutoff.

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Intense Tech with Defense Mech – LSDj Wave Synth Deep Dive Part 1

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Hello, I’m Defense Mechanism! Welcome to the first installment of Intense Tech, where we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the features of LSDj, picking up in spirit from ‘Paul’s LSDJ Tech Talk.’ My aim is to impart to you knowledge and wisdom to pass on to the following generations of chiptuners, thus creating an army of bleepbloopin’ masters!!

This inaugural tutorial will cover what one needs to understand the Wave channel synth! Specifically getting into the wave synth parameters of Signal, Filter, Volume, Q, and Cutoff.

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Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Solstice’ by Marissa Hapeman

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Last March I wrote that “…we should be so lucky to get a follow-up album in the future” from Marissa Hapeman after reviewing her chiptune debut ‘Pretty in Pixels’. Forget luck. Marissa Hapeman returns with explosive fervour with her second major chip-release ‘Solstice’.


Tease your musical palette with ‘Waiting For Good News’–

–then dive into the full ‘Solstice’ review continued below!


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Pixel Tsunami’ by Jesse W. D. James

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‘Pixel Tsunami’ is the sleeper hit of early 2015.

This three track EP by Jesse W. D. James is an unrelenting wave of innovative chiptune music, artistic expression, and experimental composition.

Jesse W. D. James is a producer/composer with a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from Greenville, South Carolina’s Furman University. He has composed video game soundtracks for studios such as Zero Gardens and Plutono, as well as produced music with his dance/progressive band The Fire Tonight. Jesse also has an extensive video archive that features his work on YouTube, including ‘Pixel Tsunami’. (more…)