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Progression: Music Theory 104 – Voicings, Voice Leading, and Counterpoint

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Hey dudes and dudettes,

Tuberz here with another installment in the series of articles centered around the understanding and application of music theory. I took last month off to look over the brand new Fearofdark album (and *SPOILERS* it’s a banger */SPOILERS*) but it’s given me a fair amount of time to get together an idea of what I’m going to cover today. Last article I covered extended chords like sevenths and the multiple ways you can build these chords using intervals and simple counting schemes. It is highly recommended that you read through my previous articles before venturing into this one, as it’s gonna get heckers (Adjective: frantic af). This article is going to be all about taking our chords that we’ve set and making them flow smoothly, or not depending on circumstance, as well as notes in our melody and counter-melody flowing smoothly.

Let’s jam.

Ah yes. More of that prehistoric paper for me to write my hexadecimal microsoft excel tunes on