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Chip Mom #59: Cheesecake Brownie Cups

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Chip Mom is on the road, loves! This weekend, Brandon and I are headed to the great, white north (also known as Minnesota) to attend VGM Con, a small convention in the twin cities dedicated to uplifting the nerdy arts. We are looking forward to a chill weekend with friends and a whole lot of sweet tunes. That being said, our dearest Goober will not be joining us. He is being puppy-sat by our neighbors, and when your neighbor is watching your critters, you pay them in baked goods. That’s why this week I whipped up some…

Cheesecake Brownie Cups


8-Bit Banter with DjjD: Shirobon – The Arcade Dream

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Shirobon is quite the shapeshifter. Making the most out of modern production plugins and old school synths, ‘The Arcade Dream’ stands as a testament to how differently we as humans understand sound and utilize it to create something much larger, much more in-depth, and much more complex than the decades preceding. It’s magical – but more importantly, proves evolution. That’s right, I just said this album proves evolution. Sure, we could go down the more literal path, and say, he hit all the right notes, but it’s something more than that. The detail, the nostalgia you didn’t know you had, it’s here, ‘The Arcade Dream’.


Relive the good ol’ days, hit up your local arcade and bust out those quarters.


8-Bit Banter with DjjD: Ben Briggs – ‘Star Clash Original Soundtrack’

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Ben Briggs.

Composer, arranger, performer, health nut, net streaming personality.

Quite the character, Ben has been composing and producing music for the past decade in an effort to achieve super stardom. Starting out at OverClocked ReMix, he moved up the ranks of remixers with an impressive collection of re-imagined video game tunes; sometimes collaborating with fellow artists and creating new bands in the process.

Yes, Ben has been around for quite a while. Having worked with the guy in the past and coming to know him as a great friend over the past 2 years, I can certainly tell you he was determined about one goal throughout the years, far above the others: being a video game composer. Ben has picked up quite a lot with his time spent in FL Studio. Utilizing his abilities to create originals and video game remixes alike, his skills grew exponentially. When he had told me he got a gig as a video game composer, I knew one of his lifetime achievements was met. (more…)