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Stokin’ the Forge: GIF Jockey

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Have you ever wanted to be a VJ? Christian “Decktonic” Montoya has been developing GIF Jockey for over a year to help interested parties answer that question. Decktonic feels pretty strongly about the current state of VJ software, describing them as requiring a “computer science degree to even make sense of”. This observation drove the development of the software, with Decktonic wanting there to be an option that is accessible to everyone from total beginners to seasoned pros.

When it releases, GIF Jockey will be available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android. Past the fold, I’ll be taking the Desktop demo of GIF Jockey for a spin.


ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: ‘DESKTAPE’

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This may come as a rather large shock to you, but here at Chiptunes = WIN, we really like compilations. We really, really like them. And what’s better than listening to a compilation that we put together ourselves? Listening to one that someone else put together! It’s like all the joy of getting a mixtape from your crush without the sweaty palms and the queasy feeling that gets worse the more you try not to think about it (that wasn’t just me, right?). Enter DESKPOP, the new label by FLOOR BABA and Braz_OS. They got all sorts of folks together to drop the last great compo of 2015 – and if you haven’t heard, you’re about to be in for a helluva trip.


Album purchase does not include cactus, sadly.


ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: Decktonic’s ‘Gulf Coast EP’

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I have a confession about myself: I really love funk. Disco and funk are my two favorite musical genres (since chiptune can be argued to be something bigger than a genre, it gets exempt here, of course!). But unfortunately, sometimes I feel like the only funk you’ll find in chiptune is if you go clean the gunk out of the cracks in your Gameboy that accumulates from years of sweaty hands handling it.

Thankfully, people like Christian Montoya exist. The man of many side projects known to some as Decktonic works hard to put out as much funky stuff under his various aliases as he can while juggling his life as a father and programmer. He dropped ‘Gulf Coast EP’ in February, which might have snuck by you if you weren’t paying attention – which is why we’re here, because sleeping on this is a mistake. (more…)


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Take one small but awesomely dedicated group of folk, a thriving local chipscene, 5 years of monthly chipmusic shows, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and a CRAPTON OF WORK and what do you get?

In a word (two actually…), THIS:


Boasting a SPECTACULAR line-up of 30+ talented chipartists & visualists from various locales, this three day chipmusic festival hosted in the city of brotherly love is going to be ZOMBOFURKIN AMAZEBALLS!!!

Don’t believe me? Then check out the lineup for yourself below!!!

8static fest schedule

To share a bit of insight on the fest & 8static in general, here’s a few words directly from Emily Feder, the festival curator:

“8static has been something I’ve held close to my heart for the last few years. All the people involved feel the same way; we devote a good chunk of ourselves to make these events special every month. The past year has been amazing and has shown tremendous growth, but it was time to take a stand and plan something larger scale. Our fifth anniversary seemed like the perfect time to break new ground. Philadelphia is an amazing city & October is a beautiful time of year; I hope that people will come and visit for this show and fall in love with the city and scene here the same way that I did.”

Regarding the fantastic line-up, “I wanted it to remove any skepticism about the event. The amazing thing is that, of pretty much all the people invited to perform, no one really knew who else was playing. They just wanted to be a part of this because they trusted us to come through with a spectacular event. The reaction everyone had when they saw the full lineup was inspiring. This lineup is a once in a lifetime experience for a chip music fan.”

Or her tl;dr version here:  “Last year we had 30 people perform in one night! Imagine what we can do with 3 days?” Indeed, Emily. Indeed.

Along with some other notable folks (MAGFest, kitsch-bent, & Grassroots Game Conference to be specific), ChipWIN is also very proud to be sponsoring this festival directly. Outside of BRKFest, it’s only the second time we’ve had the chance to directly contribute to a live show, and to be honest it #FEELSGOODMAN!

At any rate, if you’re any sort of chiptune fan & anywhere even near this incredible event when it starts TOMORROW NIGHT (!!!), I’ve only one thing left to say to you:


Much \m|♥|m/,
President Hoodie

P.S. For those who can’t make it to Philly for this but still want to watch live, YOU CAN. Thanks to the dream team of 8bitx, Clipstream, & Arecibo Radio there WILL be a live stream. When the time is right, find it via the magical link HERE.

P.P.S. While you’re there be sure to catch a couple of our bloggers, Kuma & Adam Seats, hanging around the ChipWIN section of the merch booth or in & around 8static Fest in general. Find ’em & say hi/snag some goodies/grab a beer/dance the night away in good company! ^_^

8static Fest: | Fb Event | After party (Fb Event) | Tickets | Livestream link

8static: | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp (netlabel)

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2 (Tracks 32-36)

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Greetings all!  It’s Chip Mom’s turn to introduce your ears to five more delicious musical morsels cooked up for you by the artists of Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2!

Track #32: NEStonic by Decktonic

With Decktonic’s entry your ears are immediately delighted with tribal beats melded with the bevy of futuristic sounds that are Decktonic’s signature sound.  While these two textures may seem mutually exclusive, the artist blends them masterfully.  If your booty isn’t moving by the 45 second mark, you’re doing it wrong!  Now, as a chiptune newb I can’t regale you with an in-depth analysis of the techniques used to create this composition.  What I can tell you, however, is this:  If Ayla and Robo got together and had a dance party at the End of Time, it would sound – appropriately – like ‘NEStonic’.

Track #33: Take a Look by The Flight Away

Full disclosure: I am that girl at the bar that “squees” and then sings at the top of her lungs when she hears ‘Take on Me‘.  ‘To Be With You‘ is also in my regular karaoke rotation.

With that in mind, if you think back longingly to a time when music was made up of sharp drums, synth-laced keys, reverbed vocals, and puppies, then this song is right up your alley… and mine!  In this song, The Flight Away has managed to capture the spirit of the 80s with a chiptune twist.  Keeping with skrunchie-laden tradition, ‘Take a Look’ melds melancholy content with upbeat music ultimately producing a track that is joyful, endearing, and sinfully sing-alongable.

Track #34: Reasons by Dire Hit

And now for something completely different: Dire Hit’s ‘Reasons’.  From the first moment of the track, the layering and panning of different elements is engrossing.  While the sexy grooves and dirty beats would beg anyone to get on the dance floor, for me it’s the hook. Something about that melodic hint crawls into your ears, down into your gut, and lands in your hips.  Before you know it, you’ve grabbed yourself a partner and are riding the electric wave out into the universe.

Track #35: By the Bit by Ayoshutduff

Ayoshutduff’s entry to the compilation is a cool respite from some of the more blistering dance tracks of Volume 2.  When I first heard ‘By the Bit’, I thought of an overnight trip I spent in a cave when I was young.  The smooth, rhythmic patterns of this song, punctuated with the heartbeat like thump of the bass, carries with it the same sense of anxiety and wonder I felt while I was there.  It is almost as if I’ve become lost in the depths of that deep cave, and, as the layers of the song change, I am discovering new mysteries around every corner.  But will I ever find my way back?

Track #36: The Longest Distance by Talkboy Arcade

If ‘By the Bit’ conveys the depth of a cave, then Talkboy Arcade’s ‘The Longest Distance’ is the emergence from that cave into the bright light of victory.  The high energy and bright sounds make you want to dance with wild abandon.  Unlike some of the compilation’s dance-y tracks, this song is not sexy, but celebratory.  The feeling it evokes is indicative of the carefree joy of a time when life was simple, the good guys beat the bad guys, the Cheerios were honey-nutty, and Mr. Rogers was your favorite neighbor. Listen to it whenever you need lift!

Thank you all for your kind attention.  Each of these artists worked their butts off to give you their best, and they deserve it!  Until next time…


Decktonic | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Bandcamp

The Flight Away
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Dire Hit
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Talkboy Arcade
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