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Wounds and Resolutions: Curious Quail – ‘Twelve Months’

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Curious Quail’s ‘Twelve Months’ opens with a simple, quiet guitar chord, E major. A single pulse plays, E, the tonic, a perfect resolution in isolation.

The gameboy falters, falling down until it reaches a B. Perfect fifth. The next best thing.

For the first minute, each phrase ends in one of these two notes.

This song is titled ‘Resolutions’.

“a collection of twelve songs about life, love, loss, beauty, and so much more told through a canvas of hasty melodic decisions and instrumentation that you don’t often get together”
(photo and quote by Curious Quail)

Progression: Music Theory 105 – Modes, Modality, and Chord Substitutions

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Hey dudes and dudettes,

Tuberz here with my fifth (can you believe it’s already been that long?) installment in my series of articles centered around the understanding and application of music theory. Last month we covered chord voicings and counterpoint in an attempt to make our progressions sound smoother. As I stated last time, this stuff is starting to get pretty bonkers difficult if you don’t have prior theory knowledge, so I strongly recommend you go back and read my previous articles. This article is going to cover the use of the seven traditional modes in a harmonic context, along with the idea of modal mixture and chord substitutions which will help you add some spice to your chord progressions.

Let’s jam.

ah yes spicy music i love me some coriander on my music