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Wounds and Resolutions: Curious Quail – ‘Twelve Months’

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Curious Quail’s ‘Twelve Months’ opens with a simple, quiet guitar chord, E major. A single pulse plays, E, the tonic, a perfect resolution in isolation.

The gameboy falters, falling down until it reaches a B. Perfect fifth. The next best thing.

For the first minute, each phrase ends in one of these two notes.

This song is titled ‘Resolutions’.

“a collection of twelve songs about life, love, loss, beauty, and so much more told through a canvas of hasty melodic decisions and instrumentation that you don’t often get together”
(photo and quote by Curious Quail)

Hoodie Highlights… Roger ‘Rekcahdam’ Hicks!

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Sup y’all? =) Hoodie here with a special BONUS interview for this month! A Kickstarter for an EXTRAORDINARILY AWESOME project has recently gone live, something that you need to be informed about and given the chance to support. So I took the initiative
and interviewed/enjoyably chatted with/endlessly pestered the creator to learn more about it, and him in general. The project in question is Band Saga, and its creator is the one and only Roger ‘Rekcahdam’ Hicks! Enjoy!


Photo by Jeff Ball.