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Hoodie Highlights… Alex Soborov of Tracked Records!

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Heya friends! It’s been a good few months since I’ve published a new interview here on the blog. Suffice it to say, I’ve been more than just a little busy in the interim….

Me as a kaomoji these last few months….

That said, I’ve very much missed both talking to awesome folk in and around our communities and sharing those insightful conversations with y’all. That’s why today, I’m hopping back on that interview train!

Presenting a very special guest and friend that’s I’ve been happy to have worked with in the intervening busy months, everyone welcome to the blog Alex Soborov aka Purely Grey of Tracked Records! Enjoy!

Alex Soborov aka Purely Grey


‘Tracked x ChipWIN’ Full Review

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Heya ChipWINners! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ʷᵃᵛᵉˢ

Brandon here to quickly introduce a special double dose of collaboration on our blog. Namely, a writing team-up between ViridianForge and Glenntai to review our aptly named Vol. 7 collaborative expansion compilation, ‘Tracked x ChipWIN’!

Dive into the quality read/listen below after enjoying the lovely artwork slideshow. #Bread

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The ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7’ Roster

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Edit: Volume 7 is LIVE! Get it here!

And the roster for ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 7’ is… -insert ridiculous over-the-top drumroll likely composed by Adam Lankford here-

V.7 album artwork by Nate Horsfall of Yes, he is a minor deity. At minimum.

ChipWIN & DESKPOP Present: The Volume 6 Expansion Release!

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EDIT: comp is live! Get it right HERE!

As of today it’s been exactly one month since we unleashed the colossal compilation that is Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 6‘ upon the cyber realm. At this point in the game, do I really need to spell out what that means? ಠ‿↼


IT’S VOLUME 6 EXPANSION RELEASE TIME, BBY! ٩(^‿^)۶٩( ‘ω’ )و٩( ᐛ )و

Album artwork by the multi-talented and multi-limbed Brazos.


Paul’s Pantry – ‘Titan’ by Alex Lane

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Hello everyone and thank you for reading The ChipWIN Blog! Today we’re going to review ‘Titan’ another great Cheapbeats release, and the second full-length album by Austral-English chip legend Alex Lane!

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Alex two years ago at Eindbaas, in Utrecht, NL. We were set to play the pre-party open stage, it was our first ever show abroad, let alone in such an important event, and we were super stressed out. Then, this round-faced guy comes up with a BEAMING smile and says hi. Stress was lifted. We hit it off instantly. Alex has the reputation of being the Nicest Guy In Chiptune™ and to be honest, I couldn’t fault anyone for thinking that. My point is, don’t be surprised if this review comes off as a little ♥biased♥. I like Alex a lot as a person. But holy moly do I love him as a musician.