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Paul’s Tech Talk – Exploring Arpeggios part 1: The Power of Illusion

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Hello beautiful people and thank you for reading Paul’s Tech Talk on The ChipWIN Blog! It’s been a while since I’d last whipped out a good ol’ techy article so I decided to make this one extra special. Today we’re going to delve into one of my all-time favourite aspects of chiptune production: Arpeggios!

Most of you probably know quite well what an arpeggio is, and why it’s widely used in Chiptune music. So in this article, I will try to dig a little deeper, examine closely how they work and what they can do, and experiment with some more advanced techniques to unleash their amazing potential.

Let’s dive in!


Hoodie Highlights… Andrew Kilpatrick [again]!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie back again with another of my Hoodie Highlights interviews! Due to crazy life happenings (i.e. getting MARRIED <3 ), it’s been a few months since I’ve had the time to manage one of these enjoyable talks. And what better way to bring the feature back than with a follow-up chat with my good snarky Brit friend & initial Hoodie Highlights focus, Andrew Kilpatrick? Read along as we talk all retrospective-like, as Kilpatrick brings his 5+ years of awesome chiptune contributions to a close. Enjoy!

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Hoodie Highlights… Chris De Pew!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie back once again with another edition of my monthly CWB interview column, Hoodie Highlights! While today’s chat does technically continue my ongoing visualist-centric series, it also features a notable chipartist. How is this possible? Because they’re one and the same. Everyone, welcome Chris De Pew aka Storm Blooper aka Enerjawn to the blog! Enjoy!


Enerjawn doing his jawn, as Dr Glassa watches with his usual bemusement.


Chip Mom’s Kitchen #20: The Grand Experiment

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I’m going to level with you here: sometimes when I step into my kitchen I only have the vaguest plan of what’s about to go down. Sometimes I’m a rebel and shop without a list, items flying off the shelf as they call to me. And that’s ok! On those days we call forth the powers of both chemistry and those great bakers of our ancestors in order to create…

The Grand Experiment (more…)