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Clover Chain Reacts To: ‘Nascens’ by meganeko

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My friend was on TV recently. He was shopping at a bookstore, and the local news was doing a segment on reading, interviewing customers there. When asked to “talk about your favorite book”, he panicked, grabbing the first book that came to his mind: ‘The Crying of Lot 49’, a mere 160 page novella. Now, the interview went fine; he talked about its good writing and such. Upon relaying this story to me, however, my friend expressed regret. He told me it really is one of his favorites, and it’s surprising to find so much value in a pretty short book, and he wishes he could have pointed that out. He’d say something like, “It’s a really small book that says a lot of big ideas.”

meganeko’s ‘Nascens’ is one of my favorite music releases. It’s full of originality. It surprises me. Yes it’s short, but it’s a small EP that shows a lot of big ideas.

Album artwork by CA CHOU.


Paul’s Tech Talk – LSDJ 5.3.5_4x Part 2: Sandpaper vs Eardrums

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Hello all and thank you for reading Paul’s Tech Talk on The ChipWIN Blog!

This article is the second part of an issue on the spicy topic of PSG Chip Overclocking. In the first part, we tackled the basic theory behind what overclocking could achieve on an NES when ticks sped up enough to reach into the audio range. Today, we’re going to try and be more specific, and try out some practical examples on Gameboy.

While audio range speeds can be achieved at high tempos on stock LSDJ, we’re going to try and venture beyond that, thanks to the very unique test build of LSDJ: 5.3.5_4x, which multiplies tempo by FOUR.

Let’s dive in!


Stokin’ the Forge: ‘Genesis’ by Chronowolf

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Happy New Year Chipfam! This month, the Forge has been graced with the copy of ‘Genesis’, the debut album from Chronowolf (Mat van Rhoon). Mat’s been writing music since 1997, getting his start on an old Atari 1040ST that he purchased from his school when he was 12. His composition style has leaned to the orchestral since the beginning, but thanks to chancing upon the styling of noted Dragon-rider and friend of the blog Kubbi, Mat has joined the ranks of the Chiptune elite.

His chiptune exploration led to Singularity, his wonderful contribution to Chiptunes=WIN Vol. 4, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The positive response that he got to his early work, including ‘Singularity’, inspired Mat to put together Genesis. Overall, its an innovative melding of an orchestral style with what we know and love of chiptune. Personally, I immensely enjoyed the album, so join me past the fold and get your listen on!