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How to WIN at Chiptune!

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Episode 0: A little about me

Hello! Auracle here, and this is How To WIN At Chiptune, my first contribution to The ChipWIN Blog! I’ve been helping out around the Facebook group as a moderator for a while, so it’s great to increase my responsibilities a little further! The goal of this weekly series is to equip you to become a more active and involved part of your local chiptune community, and to help bring chiptune out of tiny basement clubs and niche conventions.  To be clear, “win” doesn’t mean global fame and fortune; it means the ability to realise your vision and do the things that make you happy! I’m proud of the part I’ve played in the growth of my city’s scene (Manchester, UK) along with my friends at GameFace and I’d like to share some of that useful experience with you. Before we jump in, let me tell you a little about myself and how I got to this point. Context! ⊂((・▽・))⊃

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Photo courtesy of Chiptography: Auracle @ Superbyte 2014


Hoodie Highlights… Danimal Cannon!

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Sup y’all? =) Pres Hoodie here, somehow still alive post-MAGFest 2016 (damn, that was a crazy, wonderful adventure!). In the aftermath of such, I’m bringing you an interview with a cool cat that I’ve been acquainted with since my very first MAGFest (MAG 9). It also happens to be the event where he got his start performing live chipmusic. There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of him and his imminent sophomore album, ‘Lunaria’. Yup, of course I’m talking about Dan Behrens aka Danimal Cannon! Enjoy!

DanimalCannon4 (smaller)

Photo by Chiptography.


Chiptune EVERYWHERE! (Summer & Fall Chipfestivals)

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, happy to provide you with a handy, dandy list of all the chiptune festivals happening within the next few months! Gonna play this fast and loose – give y’all the fest names, locations, dates, flyers, & links – and let you find out more by clicking away. In chronological order, here we go!


A Wild Events Page Appears!

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An events page: you’ve asked for it, and it’s something we’ve wanted to do for ages. Well, we’ve finally do-ed it. Chiptunes = WIN is formally announcing the debut of The ChipWIN Events Calendar –>

events calendar
What’s there? How about a constantly updating feed of the latest chiptune, VGM, & nerdcore events and festivals (both online & offline) that we’re aware of? (you can help here!). We’d like to give Michael Carafelli our huge thanks for giving us permission to work from his original events feed code base that he wrote for Arecibo Radio. We’d also like to thank Virdian Forge for renovating that code base to serve our nefarious wholesome community building purposes.

Formalities aside, we hope that this tool will help build the connections that make everyone in ChipWIN such amazing folk. To whit, your help will let us make the Events Calendar the best thing it can be.  Right now, the system polls a list of known Facebook groups for upcoming events.  We’ve got a good start, but please use the form at to tell us about a relevant page that we have missed. You can also use the it to tell us about events that don’t have their information up on Facebook, or aren’t tied to a particular Facebook group. Of course, the ChipWIN team will be vetting these submissions to ensure they’re in some way related to Chiptune, VGM, or Nerdcore music.

You’re in good hands.

Also, what’s this? Viridian Forge has updated The ChipWINdex to look slightly less awful!

Screenshot - 07152015 - 04:21:16 PM

He’s still adding albums to this as he learns of them (you can help here!), and trying to find time to add incredibly important functionality to all the things.  Things like — visuals that don’t look awful on mobile and maybe a speedier back-end for the WINdex.

To top it off, if you haven’t clicked over to our homepage recently, you should probably do that! It got a pretty good aesthetic update recently, featuring a couple more links + a signup bar at the bottom for our brand new newsletter, The ChipWIN Gazette!

This sign-up bar in particular.

This sign-up bar in particular.

So hold on to your butts ChipRealm, because we’re sure we’ll continue finding new and interesting ways to keep the spice flowing!


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ChipWIN Track #16: Small Wonders by datacats

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So you just affirmed how sexy you are with Br1ght Pr1mate, and you’re feeling good! Yet sexy is only skin deep and only lasts so long.  What if that sexiness fades away?  What if there’s something more to life you’re missing, something beyond the surface?  As these existential questions start to plague your mind, a tune starts playing and, like the twinkling of the stars in the night sky, its soft melody whispers into your ear and reminds you that whatever this life may bring, there will always be something beautiful, and even simple, to assuage those fears if you just look and listen.  Life may be an uncertain and frightening thing, but its also full “Small Wonders”.


He hasn’t been in the chip game for very long, but Chris “datacats” Connelly brings with him a very unique musical aesthetic to the compilation.  Able to conjure up introspective emotion in a way similar to Diamond Machine‘s nostalgia fueled assonance, he’s also capable of making rather haunting melodies that leaves one feeling a bit uneasy.  That may not sound like a desirable trait at first, but when you listen to some of his darker work, you start to understand that datacats has a very unique comprehension of what it is to manipulate a listener’s emotions and state of being with his music.  This haunting, uneasy tonality is something that’s particularly strong in his song “Return Trip”: a dark ambient track that invokes a sense of uneasiness more common to the industrial scene than to the chiptune scene.

That being said, while datacats can make haunting melodies, he’s also capable of making music that simply stirs the soul and makes one feel surprisingly content and meditative or just straight up makes you feel pumped.  Tracks such as “Cherry Blossom” show off his ability to make music akin to the subtle, touching sound he achieved in “Small Wonders”  while tracks such as “bitrot” show off his ability to make more aggressive, dynamic music one can simply boogie down to.

Regardless of which aspect of datacats you like, this is another up-and-comer that is sure to please, so if you’re really digging his sound, I strongly recommend checking out his EP “Sentinel Solaris” and following him on Soundcloud, where you can listen to the man’s progress and see for yourself that he truly has a lot to offer to the scene.

Til next time.


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