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Glenntai Got: “Don’t Wait” by mal4m

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Let’s face some hard truths, no matter how popular chiptune gets (as a niche medium), there have always been a lot of people thinking it’s starting to fade away. The reality, though, is that isn’t even close to true. There will always be jaded people; this is inevitable. However chiptune, much like synthesizers in the 80’s, has helped many people evolve their tastes in music beyond just what they expected. A lot of expectations were the concept of the nostalgia and limitations of the sound of a single console or a few combined. It has brought people into a whole new perspective of appreciating composition, sound design, and genres they never expected to find growing on them. People who haven’t explored their music tastes before chip music are exploring the wide variety of music that’s out there. We have people continuing to put chiptune elements and chip music influences in their music, whether it’s strictly hardware, strictly software, or somewhere in between. This is exactly where mal4m’s EP, “Don’t Wait,” comes into play.