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A Square Meal: ‘Insert Disk 02’ by Game Genie Sokolov

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Since the beginning, humanity has had some epic arguments about just the most important, finest and serious topics: why are we here? Good or evil? Should the pizza be topped with pineapple? And of course: does Sega really do what NintenDoesn’t? Well, I won’t intend nor dare to give an answer to any of the previously mentioned questions (especially to the last one); but if you are up for some quality FM Chiptune, today’s article is going to completely blow your mind.

From all the options we have to listen and appreciate chiptune nowadays, it’s always nice to find some first-rate music made specifically to be played on a Sega Genesis. That’s why when I knew that there was a Montreal artist who makes it, I got myself ready for an incredible experience. Of course I’m talking about Game Genie Sokolov. Maybe you remember GG Sokolov’s tremendous work from ‘Chiptunes = WIN Vol. 5’, ‘Deskpop & ChipWIN’ or ‘FM: Possible 2‘; but this time we’ll talk about this new and super awe-inspiring album: ‘Insert Disk 02’ released through the French Canadian netlabel Lisbon Lux Records. So let’s take a look over it… Sega style!

Cover by John Londono and Maina Militza.

Chip Bit Sid Takes On: Four Small Songs #3

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Hello chiptunerds! It’s good to finally get back to ‘Four Small Songs’! I wasn’t able to post last month unfortunately, but that didn’t deter people from adding their music on the soundcloud group. This month has had some fantastic songs, so relax, put your feet up & enjoy some fine chiptune, circa 2016!

Let’s do this thing!



Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 8

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Hey wassup ChipWINners! Welcome back to Quick Shots: the album review column in which I break down the highs and lows of new releases, then give you a numerical TL;DR to help you decide which new releases give you the most bang for your buck! This week, I’ve got two albums that are very much skirting the fringes of what can be considered chiptune. But, they’re both incredibly bodacious records from two rad artists that you guys should be paying attention to. So if you’re in the mood for something new, straps yourselves in and take a ride with a black guy as we check out new music from Hyperultra and Slothfella!

Raw Cuts 8 (more…)

Stoking the Forge: ‘The Next Level’ by Jredd

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Welcome back to the Forge ChipWINizens, and I hope November finds you all as well as it finds me, riding the wave of All Hallows Eve wonder through to Thanksgiving.  October gave us quite a wave of excellent releases, and among them was Jredd’s latest, ‘The Next Level’. A follow up to his 2012 release ‘Vector Nova’, ‘The Next Level’ lives up to its claim of being ten tracks of FM madness.

The latest in a long history of chip composition, ‘The Next Level’ highlights Jredd’s talent, how far he’s come as a composer, and has me looking forward to where he’s going to take his career in the future.  If you’re at all curious about the adventures Jredd has had on the path to today, the Retro Obscura podcast did an excellent one on one interview with Jredd on the 19th of October.

TheNextLevelFocusing on the present, the album art is the first hint that something pretty epic is going down here.  Put together by Michael Penta, this lovely piece of sci-fi apocolyptica might prime the listener with a particular mental backdrop for the album to come.


Stoking the Forge: ‘Erasable Programmable Read Only Memories’ by Diode Milliampere

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Greetings and salutations my chiptune enthused fellows, and thank you for joining me for a second go around at the Forge. This month, I find myself reflecting on the mix of LSDJ and AdlibTracker2 tunes contained within ‘Erasable Programmable Read Only Memories’ (which I’ll shorten to ‘EPROM’) by Diode mA.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, Diode got his start working with synthesizers in 2009, and transitioned into working with FM Synthesizers in late 2011.  This work led to the discovery that many of his beloved FM Synths were chips.  Of them, his favorite was the OPL3, a.k.a. the Yamaha YMF262, the auditory heart of any sound device remotely related to a Creative Soundblaster and near cousin to the YMF2612 powering the Sega Genesis.


Did you guys have one too?

From there? To use the man’s own words, “it all just rolled down, and I was just a straight-up chip musician.”