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Chip Mom’s Epic Fails #1: The Day That Frosty Died

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I have this wonderful book at home, Cooking for Kings: The Life of Antonin Careme.  Antonin was a pastry chef (and so much more) during the era of First Empire Paris.  He crafted room-sized sculptures from pastries and spun sugar to delight the likes of Marie Antoinette.  He’s the guy that the phrase creme de la creme was modeled on. He was the first Celebrity Chef.

If Antonin Careme saw what I wrought in my kitchen this past week, he would cry.

There is only one Antonin Careme, and, while I love to putter in my kitchen, I will never be him.  I mess up… A LOT.  Here is one such story.  This is the Day That Frosty Died.

Melted Snowman Cookie Fail

dead frosty


Chip Mom’s Kitchen #25: In Soviet Russia, You Eat Vampire!

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Greetings, my little ghouls, spooks, and warlocks! It is once again the time of year to celebrate the spookier side of life: HALLOWEEN! And in honor of this auspicious time of year, I’m delighted to present to you a simple sweet treat sure to delight at any of your upcoming festivities:

Dracula Teeth Cookie Sandwiches



Chip Mom’s Kitchen #24: I Swear I Didn’t Think It Would Work

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So I got sucked into this Pinterest thing a few months back in the wind-up to my upcoming nuptials. Overall it seemed to be a harmless place full of avocado dip, centerpiece ideas, and cute school-room bulletin boards. Just when I was setting into a comfortable pin-it-and-forget-it routine, I happened upon the following recipe which screamed “THIS WEBSITE YOU TRUSTED IS A BED OF SWEET, SWEET LIES”. I mean, there is absolutely no way that you can combine two simple store-bought items and come up with delicious, creamy fudge. Just none. So your intrepid Chiptune Mother set forth to expose this pin for the deceiver it is. I give you…

Two Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge