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Glenntai Got: ‘Am Happy’ by Pulsing

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With two releases in the same month you would expect this to be the latter of a two-part series. Even so, ‘Am Happy’ is Pulsing’s debut on Japan-based international net label Cheapbeats. Pulsing, a trio based out of Illinois, brings live guitar and drums into their pieces to create a raw energy that feels like a mix between harder grunge and the early works of fellow chip band from France, Please Lose Battle. What we get as a result is an upbeat album full of heavy guitar, melodic exposition and accompanying arp blips; one of the first ways I could describe it was as ‘a manic pixie dream-rock concert’. If that sounds like a fun time to you, keep reading after the jump for some examples.

Cover art by Stefanie Cook

The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘2011’ by WMD

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Happy October, folks!

Just as the month comes to an end, I bring to you a cool little surprise.  Released on September 29, WMD is combining their ability to create atmospheric sound textures and presenting a record paired with straight up chiptune.  It’s been quite a while since something like this has been released, and judging by the comments on their Bandcamp, I’m not the only one excited about it.

Album cover for WMD’s ‘2011’. Credit: Bandcamp


Glenntai Got: ‘Continue?’ by Blue Navi

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Many of you may not be too familiar with Blue Navi. That might also change when you discover that they previously went under the moniker Ayoshutduff, who has been a seasoned veteran of many Chiptunes = WIN releases. With this EP, titled ‘Continue?’, we have a three-track collection of music finished since his previous, hefty album late last October. Like many artists expanding their level of versatility, Blue Navi decided to experiment with styles out of their comfort zone, and in this case we’ve been given some synthwave that carries a serious mood about it. If you’re looking for some solid music that isenjoyable both as active listening as much as background music, come see what this EP has to offer. (more…)

ChipWIN & Groupees Presents: ‘Bundle of WIN’

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with an extra special announcement today! Namely…

CW groupees

That’s right! As of Noon Eastern today (Monday, Dec 7th), we’re presenting you with the fantastic holiday opportunity to grab not only a brand spankin’ new 10 track ChipWIN compilation, ‘Bundle of WIN‘, but also 10+ albums from all of the artists involved in the comp! And everything provided through the fantastic folks at! (more…)