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Rhyphte Reviews: Home World

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I wanted to take a break from the showcasing of big chiptune talent to put the spotlight on a lesser-known duo of soundtrack artists from Dallas, Texas. Home World is a proof-of-concept demo album demonstrating the eponymous band’s burgeoning aptitude and enthusiasm for crafting musical accompaniment to video games.

Album Art by Cameron Tanner

Stokin’ the Forge: The Eel Deal Split EP

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Sheer happenstance and timing are responsible for this month’s column folks! After a long day at the office, I hopped on Facebook to catch up with the world and caught our own President Hoodie making a comment on a thread sharing ‘The Eel Deal Split EP’ with the world. Being unfamiliar with the work of either Typical Kurt or Get Over It, I wanted to give the album a fair shot, and I encourage our readers to do the same. Hop on past the fold to dig into the tunes and get a few words out of these chiptuning buddies from Purchase, New York.

Album Art from the EP (more…)

Stokin’ the Forge – ‘Traveler’ by Hon’in Myo Audio

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Happy March to everyone in the ChipWINation!  For this month’s Stokin’ the Forge, I have the sublime pleasure of reviewing Hon’in Myo Audio’s recently released album, ‘Traveler’.

‘Traveler’ is easily one of the most atmospherically engrossing works of art I have experienced since I began writing for Chiptunes=WIN.  If you consider yourself anything of a music lover, just head on over to Honin Myo Audio’s bandcamp page and enjoy it. (more…)