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Stokin’ the Forge: The Eel Deal Split EP

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Sheer happenstance and timing are responsible for this month’s column folks! After a long day at the office, I hopped on Facebook to catch up with the world and caught our own President Hoodie making a comment on a thread sharing ‘The Eel Deal Split EP’ with the world. Being unfamiliar with the work of either Typical Kurt or Get Over It, I wanted to give the album a fair shot, and I encourage our readers to do the same. Hop on past the fold to dig into the tunes and get a few words out of these chiptuning buddies from Purchase, New York.

Album Art from the EP (more…)

Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 2

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Hey, what’s up everyone?! It’s your boy BronxKuma — Kuma for short — coming at you again with another round of Quick Shots! For those of you who don’t know, Quick Shots is my sporadic album review column in which I take aim at a handful of EPs and LPs that have come out fairly recently, quick fire my impressions about them and discuss whether they’re a solid purchase for those who charge money for their work.  This time around, I’ve loaded up four albums I’ve seen come out over the past month or so that are worth talking about, so let’s stack these targets up, lock em in our sights and pull the hammer back, cause its time go time!

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