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Office Hours – NESMetal ‘Dead Lights and Dark Towers’

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Welcome to the April edition of Office Hours! This month’s review was a no-brainer for me – I am a huge Stephen King fan, and when NESMetal’s ‘Dead Lights and Dark Towers’ dropped at the end of March, I knew I had found my target. You may recognize NESMetal (nee Johnathan D. Godbolt) from his contribution to Volume 3 & CeltWIN, or many other releases on Pterodactyl Squad. His style typically pulls no punches, delivering high-energy music that is uncompromising in its complexity and scope. This approach often focuses on several extremes – high/low registers and musical density being commonly explored – and his style definitely shines through on ‘Dead Lights and Dark Towers’.

Interestingly enough, the album is not directly based off of King’s work, but of NESMetal’s own self-reflection and expression of negative feelings. Make sure to read the description of the concept album and the accompanying lyrics for each track to get the full album experience. Because of the intensely negative and isolating emotions explored, this album will not be the easiest listening you may do this week, nor will every track be immediately digestable. Before you embark on this journey, make sure you have your affairs in order and don’t forget to bring along a few silver dollars and a slingshot in case you discover an unpleasant creature lurking around the next corner.

DLADT album cover
album art by NESMetal