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ChipWIN Track #9: Elevation by SMILETRON

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Without further ado or stalling, I present to you track #9 from the original Chiptunes = Win compilation by none other than…


The nice thing about this track is that it provides a counterpoint to the rest of the collection. Most, if not all of the other 50 songs, are fairly upbeat if not insanely upbeat. Yet when you first start listening to Elevation, you’re not hit with chiptunes. You’re not even hit with anything particularly upbeat! You’ve just got a solo guitar doodling away in a bluesy fashion, which slowly picks up a bassline, and then finally some chip bloops. While the guitar slowly gets more and more complex, the bassline and beat pretty well stay the same. It’s very soothing. Later in the song, you hear a clip of astronauts talking about blowing smoke rings in zero gravity. You might imagine this song to be the soundtrack of someone just floating around in space next to a space shuttle – at once, serene and calm, but with enough going on for you to take in that nothing seems boring.

Basically, I love this track, even though I thought I was going to hate it. I’m very much the “MAN I NEED MY BEEPITY BOOPITY TUNES FAST AND THUMPING AND CRAZY!” But the more I listen to this track, the more I realize that smooth, slow tracks like this have their place too. It’s like anything, you’ve got to have some sort of balance to really appreciate the differences.

Looking at SMILETRON’s extended library of music (which he’s thankfully got compiled in one place on his website – a dot-org, I might add, meaning he’s super fancy), you see the ability to express a theme over several songs instead of just one. There is a great deal of variation in his work – there’s something not only for the people who like super upbeat music like me, but there are a great deal of calmer tracks, be they in the same vein as Elevation, or more of a trance kind of feel. For an album that has a pretty good balance between flavors, check out Equinox, which you can find…oh, right under this paragraph. How handy is that?

Also, keep on the lookout – over the past month or so, ol’ SMILETRON’s been all over the Intertubes, spreading chippy goodness. You can often find him in his own jamspace on his website, which he’ll use to live stream some sets, which is awesome!



ChipWIN Track #7: The Lunar Whale by Danimal Cannon

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Sup y’all? =) Hoodie here. SO, the Expansion Pack has been very successfully released (THANKS AGAIN, GUYS~ ♥ ^_^ ), & thus it’s time for the ChipWIN blog to go back into hibernation until the next project, right?


Over the past few weeks I’ve assembled a team of chip-loving, fantastiexcellent, crack(head?) writers who’ve been charged with keeping this baby alive & hopping with content!! This will continue to include the ChipWIN artist/track write-ups (which has been increased by 24 more chipmusicians with the Exp Pack… o.O ), but also reviews of live events and other various forms of chippy goodness. In other words, we’re FINALLY going to turn this puppy into a legitimate blog, one post at a time! =D

And here to (re)start things off with a bang is our latest writer, Adam D Seats, fresh from his CRAZYTIMES Geekbeat LeRadio multi-chipartist interview, with a write-up on ChipWIN artist #7…

Danimal Cannon

So you’re just coming down off of the high from PixeLove, and then all of a sudden you’re hit with this jerkiness. It sounds almost mechanical and a little mysterious, like you’re in a small clunky spacecraft flying around the moon. This continues for about a minute, until out of nowhere it opens up! It starts to sound almost hopeful, like you’ve caught sight of the elusive beast, the Lunar Whale, off in the distance. It’s just chilling, lazing around, because hey, what else is a space whale gonna do, right? But somehow, you lose sight of it and the music returns to a variation on the first theme. Until suddenly the music speeds up and you’re face to face with the moon whale. The music swells to a grand climax as you bear down on the whale. As you’re hit with these soothing arpeggios, out in front of you you notice a whole pod of lunar whales. You just stop your spaceship and stare at this awesome sight.

Okay, so maybe that’s all just me, but every song’s got a story, even if there’s no words. And if you’re gonna name your song “The Lunar Whale”, you’d best believe I’m going to be thinking about whales in space!

This ChipWIN track comes to you from the master blaster himself, Danimal Cannon. Maybe you’ve heard of him? It’s not like, oh, y’know, he plays guitar in Armcannon & Metroid Metal and bass in Weaponex or anything like that. Or the fact that he has a genre redefining album on Bandcamp called Roots, which is a neat blending of chiptunes with the occasional guitar accompaniment. In fact, let’s go take a listen to that, shall we?

“Danimal Across America” has got to be my favorite track off this album. A lot of the other songs are really low energy but technically stunning, and then you get to this and suddenly WHAM! You wanna get up and dance! What’s really great is the way Dan plays around with all sorts of different genres. He’s even got a haunting rendition of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, which would be all the more beautiful if I wasn’t stuck remembering the level in Earthworm Jim 2 that had it as the background music (you know what I’m talking about, don’t lie to me).

In any event, Danimal is, as he says, “the man.” The man with the power. What power? The power of chiptunes. Chiptunes? Yes fool!!

Next up, You & Him by Whitely!


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