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Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8 [Tracks 1 – 10]

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It’s that chiptastic time of the year again! The long-awaited ‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8’ has finally arrived! Newcomers and veterans from across the globe unite to bring us some of the best chipmusic of the year! Join us as we review the compilation in its entirety!

‘Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 8’ artwork by Nate Horsfall.

Chris Considers: ‘Don’t Be Anxious’ by little-scale

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Last week was downright facemelting here on the ChipWIN blog. It all started with Joe’s review of Danimal Cannon’s shredtacular new progressive chiprock masterpiece ‘Lunaria’, and ended with Glenntai’s curated collection of chipthrash that’s enough to make your ears bleed. Well, it’s freaking Monday again. Time to take things down many notches and focus on something much more ambient in nature. This gives me the opportunity not only to highlight a revered veteran of the chipmusic scene, little-scale (Sebastian Tomczak), but also to showcase just how versatile artists within the chiprealm can be, covering every inch of the musical spectrum. If you’re looking to relax, get lost in deep introspection, and otherwise decompress, then look no further than little-scale’s recently released EP, ‘Don’t Be Anxious’.



ChipWIN Track #14: Sparkling by Starpilot

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After taking a trip down memory lane with Diamond Machine, you find yourself now wondering where this aural adventure we call Chiptunes=Win will take you. As you venture along the path before you, a portal suddenly bursts open.  It dares you to take a step beyond the known into something far more vast than anything you’ve ever known. Welcome to the outer limits of the cosmos. Your guide for this cosmic trip will be…


An eclectic man who’s carved his own unique niche into the chipmusic scene, Duane Starpilot has become well known for trippy, fast paced music that’s simultaneously stylish, dancey, and meditative. A song I’m particularly fond of that embodies these characteristics perfectly is “Psychochip Ravebot” off his recent LP Sparkling.  At 8:22 in length, this song is a testament to Duane’s ability to combine aspects of different genres-such as chiptune, ambient and trance-into a uniquely cerebral auditory experience.

Duane’s unique style of music isn’t the only thing that makes him rather special in the scene. His unique artistic vision also expands into the graphic arts realm, & he’s continued to hone his visual craft as well as his musical talents over the years. The result has been an artist who’s not only quite political and mocking of the social status quo, but one that is incredibly prolific and stylized, at that. Hell, just this year alone, Starpilot has released 8 albums, almost all of which feature original album art work.

Yes, you read that last sentence correctly: Starpilot has released 8 albums this year, with a combined total of 108 songs. So if you happen to like Duane’s work, never fear: not only will you never run out of original music to listen to, but you most likely have a lot of catching up to do. That being said, let me leave you with one last sample of Star Pilot’s incredibly eclectic, glitchy, hypnotic (and even slightly political) fun that’s sure to delight: Tell Lie Vision.

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