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Hello everyone! As it happens, every year the vast unknowable demon entities that power the gaming world have aligned and another PAX East has happened without a hitch. I was fortunate enough to once again travel with the MAGFest Jamspace crew to help do some social media coverage and go play some games so I can yell about them on the internet! As with previous editions of the “POST-X X-PACKED X POST” column, this is split up into two sections: #GAMES and #MUSIC – tagged as such so you can jump around with your fancy Find In Page function if you’d prefer to read about one over the other. Also, you should know that much of this article also appears on MAGFest’s fledgling blog, which is where you can find similar content written about MAGFest events and more in the future.


Turbo Super Post-MAG MAG-Post 2017 & Knuckles Gaiden Day One Edition

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By the time you read this, everyone should be home and happy, well rested, without the MAGFlu and otherwise readjusted to real life. While I’m WRITING it, however, I’m drowning in posts from people in transit back to the dark corners of the world they crawled from so that they can go heal themselves. While this year’s MAGFest might have been the biggest one so far, it also seems to have taken the most from us in terms of bodily health, but only because everyone was incapable of having any degree of chill. Everyone basically just kept going until they were physically unable to go anymore, and even then they just kinda propped their bodies up in chairs so they could at least look like they were still going like some kind of knock-off ‘Weekend at Bernie’s.’ It was amazing. But enough talk – let’s have at this highlight reel!



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Another year, another MAGFest. Ho-hum. Just a bunch of nerds together playing videogames in an overpriced hotel, I don’t get what’s so sp-


GUYS. I’M SO SORRY. Someone locked me in a basement and sent a robot clone to sabotage this article -all in an attempt to make you think that MAGFest SUCKS! DON’T LISTEN TO IT. MAGFEST IS BEST FEST! The person who is Adam Seats and is definitely probably not a robot clone is here once again to give you the rundown on all the great music you missed because you weren’t there/were there but were doing something else/were there but can’t remember because of REASONS.


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The MAGClassic Chiptune Mini-Mixtape

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Greetings and salutations, all! The world of chiptune had a fairly hectic weekend, what with Superbyte happening in the UK, Freq.Fest.Norcal happening in…well, northern California, and MAGFest Classic happening in the beloved Mark Center Hilton in Alexandria, Virginia. While the chipfam was in high supply elsewhere, MAGClassic, being a much smaller event than the primary MAGFest event, had a much smaller attendance both of folks here from the blog (only myself, VP Swackhammer and our Art Czar Nate were in attendance) as well as space for actual performances by chiptune acts. That’s not a bad thing, of course – the VGM acts were face-melting, but this isn’t the VGM = WIN blog, so I figure you’re not here to hear about them.


ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: Rainbowdragoneyes & Inverse Phase – The New Stuff!

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Greetings and salutations chiptunes compatriots. What are you up to this weekend? Are you on your way to Otakon, maybe to check out some anime as well as the Benjamin Briggs‘ set yesterday? Or maybe you’re heading down to Orlando Nerd Fest, where you can listen to…Jesus, almost literally everyone you’d ever want to listen to as a videogame nerd? Or MAYBE you’re in Indiana for Little Sound Assembly? Or MAY- you know what, it doesn’t matter. Maybe you’re traveling around, maybe you’re not. But you know what you definitely are? In need of some new tunes to make you swoon, and some tunes to melt your face, and BOY HOWDY do I have some news for you: Inverse Phase and Rainbowdragoneyes have BOTH put out albums this week, so I hope you’ve prepared yourself, because whether you need a cruisin’ playlist or just one to jam out at home, you’re covered. Let’s get down to it, shall we?


8bitLA & ChipWIN Present: Chiptunes in MISSOURI & ARKANSAS?!? (mini-tour)

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Sup y’all? Prez Hoodie here. For a good while now you’ve heard me chattering on about eventual ChipWIN live shows at some unspecified point in time. While we’ve directly sponsored a good handful already (BRKFest 2013, 8static Fest, & Frequency 3.0 to name a few) and had our hands in a number of other events & happenings (PAX East ChipStage & MAGFest Chipspace among others), we’ve yet to technically “put on our own show”.


Teaming up with Jonathan Pendergrass (aka 8 Bit Jin) of 8bitLA and an array of local chip-talent & friends, we’re bringing a two stop, 6 chipact strong mini-tour smack dab in the middle of nowhere to the MidSouth!! To be specific, these cats:

Awesome Force
Orion Reilly
Thunder Fox Music
Phonetic Hero
8 Bit Jin

Performing at these venues:

The Uptown Arts Bar in Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, 3/22 


The Smoke and Barrel Tavern in Fayetteville, Arkansas on Sunday 3/23

Want more info? BOOM. Check out the sexy flyers below!!

kansas city chipshow flyer

Chiptunes in Arkansas - show poster (smaller)

Sexcellent flyer by Nate Horsfall of

Chiptunes in Missouri and Arkansas. What’s next? A worldwide chiptour sponsored by Sam Adams Cherry Wheat? One step at a time friends…. ;)

For now, if you’re anywhere in the area (or not! CHIPTUNE ROAD TRIP, BBY!!), come out and have a blast with us at these kickass shows! Bring friends, bring family, bring your Grandpappy & Memaw for all we care! It’s definitely gonna be a helluva time! ^_^

Much \m||m/,
President Hoodie


Fb Events (Missouri show on 3/22 | Arkansas show on 3/23)

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