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‘Celt-tunes = WIN’ Full Review

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here again to intro another lovely multi-writer full review of our latest compilation, ‘Celt-tunes = WIN‘! Got four different writers on the glorious task this time, bouncing around from track to track to share their thoughts on this delightful collection of tunes. What are you waiting for? Get to readin’! #Cheers

Celt-tunes = WIN (more…)

ChipWIN Track #5: Can’t Stop Us by Chipzel

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What seems like way too long ago now (things should pick up here in blogland now that I’m done moving! w00t~ =D ), you got to read a little bit about ChipWIN artist Daniel Capo. This time it’s all about the only solo female artist (chicktunes! ;D ) on the compilation, and once again penned by the fantabuous AutoReMiPK:


Without so much as a missed beat, Can’t Stop Us seamlessly transitions over from Wake and triumphantly notches the aural energy up to maximum vent. The infectiously catchy melodies and pulsing percussion ensure a ton of head-bobbing, toe-tapping enjoyment. Needless to say, the track is aptly named! It gets the blood pumping and punches adversity in the face. Killer stuff.

Of course, Can’t Stop Us first appeared on Chipzel’s album Disconnected. Among many great tracks, one of my personal favorites from Disconnected is Her Heart. Energetic in the same vein as Can’t Stop Us, but with a considerably darker tone, Her Heart is grounded by a steady beat as the song evolves and grows while reprising its strong melody with increasing urgency. This is just a taste of the excellence in store and if you’re into strong melodies and danceable beats, Disconnected is a must-have.

Then there’s Chipzel’s latest release, the remastered version of Phonetic Symphony. Engage Apocalypse stands particularly tall in my eyes (and ears), with some really enjoyable tempo shifts and killer thematic means of literally “engaging” the listener. It rocks hard and Phonetic Symphony stands as an amazing follow-up to Disconnected.

Keeping up the chip momentum is LukHash’s eccentric and funky addition, PixeLove! Stay tuned!