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This Month in The Overworld: Kenobit

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Is there something like a Chiptune Maestro? This month’s artist, Kenobit, a.k.a Fabio Bortolotti, could definitely be defined as one. Self proclaimed Game Boy addict, he has been working on his masterful and dynamic tracks for over 9 years, and has certainly become an integral figure of the chipmusic community in Milan, Italy.

Kenobit performing live with his Gameboy.
Kenobit performing live with his Game Boy.

Fabio was born in Italy, in the year 1982. After playing drums in a few punk bands in his teens, he discovered chiptune at a show in a small club. He instantly fell in love, bought an LSDJ cart, and never stopped producing chiptune.


ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: Decktonic’s ‘Gulf Coast EP’

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I have a confession about myself: I really love funk. Disco and funk are my two favorite musical genres (since chiptune can be argued to be something bigger than a genre, it gets exempt here, of course!). But unfortunately, sometimes I feel like the only funk you’ll find in chiptune is if you go clean the gunk out of the cracks in your Gameboy that accumulates from years of sweaty hands handling it.

Thankfully, people like Christian Montoya exist. The man of many side projects known to some as Decktonic works hard to put out as much funky stuff under his various aliases as he can while juggling his life as a father and programmer. He dropped ‘Gulf Coast EP’ in February, which might have snuck by you if you weren’t paying attention – which is why we’re here, because sleeping on this is a mistake. (more…)