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The Unicorn Princess Royally Reviews ‘Divergence’ by DjjD

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This time of year is special; everyone affected by winter’s chill thaws out with the earth once warmer weather hits. Every year at this time, I always try to listen to a new playlist to compliment being able to spend more time outside and enjoying nature. This month’s review is a special new release by DjjD (who was previously part of the ChipWIN staff!) called ‘Divergence’.

This album makes you think, it fills the silence in car rides spent driving through repetitive scenes, and it expands roots by using chip elements complimented with more atmospheric textures. DjjD not only demonstrates his compositional technique, but also showcases solid production chops, the gorgeous voice of Parvarthi Gopinath and live violin played by Jeff Ball. Taking these elements and creating it into one solid project, this album flows cohesively and reminds me of the perfect score for an advertisement.


Artwork by Alex Kelly



8-Bit Banter with DjjD: ‘Diad’

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Hey everyone, DjjD here. Actually, first time here! As I’ve been involved with producing, composing and video game remixing in the past, I figured now was as good a time as any to write about music that I like. I contacted President Hoodie to tryout for the blog, and voilà! I can now haz blog! And on that note, here’s my review on ‘Diad’!


There is a reason Ubiktune is hugely revered. Featuring artists such as virt, Blitz Lunar, and Shnabubula; contributing a series of undeniably fantastic albums, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Offering quite possibly the best of what the chiptune macrocosm has to offer, this (fairly) recent release by Diad, a combination of chipartists Heosphoros and Tadpole, continues that trend with the best of two worlds: chiptune and progressive metal.

It’s one of the best chiptune albums I have ever heard. The combined euphony of chip guitar riffs and dreamy leads is mind-boggling. The truth is no one can be told what Diad is. You have to hear it for yourself. However, as a blogger I will do my best to convey my feelings of this album to you in a language you feel most comfortable with. It goes something like this:

“h0LY 5h17, 7h15 15 AN aw350M3 aL8UM.”

But if I had to go into a few tracks…

First track: “Pillars of Creation”

This is my favorite track off this album. With an intro that screams a quest on a faraway land, wisps of cool air; ocean breeze on the horizon, you can already tell it’s off to a great start. As the track continues, the progressions change, the mood swells with diversity and the atmosphere is so thick you could stand on it.

Second track: “Dimension-Reversing Dualities”

One of the most high energy tracks of the bunch; this one is nuts. Taken from Bandcamp: “Set in the 1930s, Dimension-Reversing Dualities takes you on a journey within the life of a depressed suicidal housewife and the outcome of her untimely death.” Deep stuff. This track has its fair share of variety, going back and forth between more intense phrases and the more subtle background pads.

…and then it was covered by VikingGuitar!? Holy…

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dis a rack mah brain

If you’re looking for a mind melting experience, I highly recommend this album. It’s loud, it’s mean, and I can’t say I’ve heard anything quite like it. The instrumentation is so good, it’ll leave you wanting more. Unsatisfied? Try some links at the bottom of this page.

Get this album and understand the truth for yourself.

Stay Classy.

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