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Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Diafon’ by Vian

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October goes out in a glorious cascade of Norwegian flare with ‘Diafon’ by Vian.

‘Diafon’ by Vian is absolutely, positively guddommelig.

If you, like me, don’t have the pleasure of the ability to understand Norwegian, that’s okay. ‘Diafon’ offers depth beyond understanding the lyrics, part of the charm lies in letting go and allowing Vian to sweep you into their euphoric sound. I almost don’t want to google translate the entire lyric set. ‘Diafon’ is prolific with an expansive compositional structure that forks and turns with deliberate precision, creating pockets of wonder between instantly gripping hooks as transitions tease your expectations. ‘Diafon’ holds so much power in its delivery, yet manages to employ that power in concentrated, intentional doses for maximum impact. Production values are crisp and professional, making ‘Diafon’ a stellar release destined for album of the year status.

Soft swirls of piano, tight drum work, dreamy acoustic guitar, ringing electric guitar, hypnotizing vocals, and fleeting electronica find common ground on Vian’s alternative indie journey of expressive, progressive sound that gels so well together you’d think the band had been together for decades. Tracks range from ethereal alt-folk-electronica to prog-rock power ballads as Vian traverses ‘Diafon’ with confidence and a defiantly strong sense of self.


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Solstice’ by Marissa Hapeman

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Last March I wrote that “…we should be so lucky to get a follow-up album in the future” from Marissa Hapeman after reviewing her chiptune debut ‘Pretty in Pixels’. Forget luck. Marissa Hapeman returns with explosive fervour with her second major chip-release ‘Solstice’.


Tease your musical palette with ‘Waiting For Good News’–

–then dive into the full ‘Solstice’ review continued below!


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘The Lost Arcade’ by Gil Talmi

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Emmy nominated composer Gil Talmi recaptures the imaginative wonder of stepping into your first arcade with the soundtrack to ‘The Lost Arcade’, a documentary about Chinatown Fair, the last arcade in New York City, the people whose lives were shaped there and after its closure, the struggle to rekindle the lost sense of community through a re-imagined, updated arcade.


Watch the trailer and breathe deep into that sense of community you got from being a part of your local arcade:

Still hovering your quarter over the coin slot? Jump into the full soundtrack review below:


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Autre’ by xyce

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‘Autre’ by xyce is one of those “YOU GOT CHOCOLATE IN MY PEANUT BUTTER” moments if the peanut butter was a grassy meadow of adorable frolicking chip-bunnies and the chocolate was a giant head-bangin’ bridge troll shoulder-checking said bunnies into a mosh-pit style frenzy.



Get hooked with this intriguing mix with the title track ‘autre’, then jump into the article for a closer look at the full album ‘autre’ by xyce!

‘autre’ by xyce:


Sladerfluous: ‘A Flash of Memory’ by Make Acid

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A Flash of Memory‘ by Make Acid is the musical embodiment of our struggle to create and hold onto lasting memories. Succinct control, evocative arcs, and inventive transitions make ‘A Flash of Memory‘ a must-listen.


Anyone familiar with Make Acid’s previous release ‘Born‘ will feel right at home here. Expect waves of light-hearted, full-ambient progressive house music you can groove to fused with hard-hitting compliments by a deep electronic bass. With soft electro melodies and a clear affection for enveloping echoes, ‘A Flash of Memory‘ is lovely.

There’s a hint of 80s synth wrapped around a collage of house music, chiptune, and dance electronica intertwined throughout ‘A Flash of Memory‘, carrying you through seven lovely tracks that toe the line between the zen-garden and the dance floor, so relax, or dance, and set yourself into the groove right now with the track ‘Quartz’ below:

‘Quartz’ is imaginative with refreshing complimentary tidbits chiming in over its core piano melody and drum kit. Skillful allowance of breaks and silence prove that the answer to how to create great music isn’t always to add all of the things. Use of pans and echoes are purposeful, poignant, and ethereal.

‘Elementary Waterflute (drown)’ and ‘Elementary Waterflute (drift)’ are two parts of a mini odyssey; noted on Make Acid’s YouTube as the musical expression of several dreams dreamt last year. ‘Drown’ winds the arc of the album down into a chill echo chamber with a soft, eloquent melody over a reliable drum kit and transitions into ‘Drift’, an upbeat, breathier sound that captures the experience of securing yourself in your favorite dream, only to fight to maintain it as you inevitably wake.

The album’s strongest amalgamation of ambience and rockin’ beats occur within ‘GYRO’; powerful without abrasion, fearless in its approach to transition, and combines sweeps of smooth ambience over a DEEP baseline to create a unique, welcome “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” experience that exceeds expectations.

In the end, a flash of memory may be all we have.

Will the memories you’ve created make you smile? Laugh? Cry? Feel fulfilled? Grateful?

Every moment we have is chance to make another lovely flash of memory. Go make yours.

A Flash of Memory‘ is available on Bandcamp now for $5USD (or more).

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**In researching for this article, Make Acid’s deviantART page was discovered. It’s awesome too! Go check it out!**

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