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Hoodie Highlights… Alexander Brandon!

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here bringing back my Hoodie Highlights interview column after a couple months off. Even I get a break every now and then, right? (^_−)−☆

For my return to the blog, I’m bringing both a very special guest in Alexander Brandon, a name that needs little to no introduction in and around our collective of collectives, as well a new focal point for at least the next few interviews I’m conducting: mental health.

It’s a very important topic that I feel we don’t discuss near enough publicly, especially in and around our scenes, which are brimming full of creative, often unique individuals. There’s a pervasive cultural stigma regarding mental health, and it’s one that needs to be done away with posthaste. Talking about it more often is one way to help facilitate that.

With that said, let’s get to talking!

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Bit by Bit: Perspective and Direction

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Hello, friends!  Today’s article is a little different; I have had a tough time trying to express what I want to convey without sounding jaded, bitter, or negative.  Or at least in a way that could be taken as such.  After all, sometimes what could be seen as jaded or bitter could simply be a viewpoint based on some less-than-typical experiences.  However, who is to say there is nothing to learn from that?  Is there nothing to learn from both your fans and your critics? Perspective is a crucial key to staying on the direction for the message you want to convey with your art.  This article is going to dive into some of that; I hope you enjoy it.



Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5 [Tracks 11 – 20]

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Welcome to the second day of reviews for the newly-released Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 5! As a reviewer, this is a really interesting way of breaking down such a large compilation because we essentially have a separate ‘album’ worth of incredibly diverse material to prepare for dissection, while still relating it to Volume 5 as a whole. I have the distinct pleasure of going over tracks 11-20, which contain some of the best melodic, heavy, and just plain weird tunes on the compilation. Here we go!

V.5 art