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Wounds and Resolutions: Curious Quail – ‘Twelve Months’

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Curious Quail’s ‘Twelve Months’ opens with a simple, quiet guitar chord, E major. A single pulse plays, E, the tonic, a perfect resolution in isolation.

The gameboy falters, falling down until it reaches a B. Perfect fifth. The next best thing.

For the first minute, each phrase ends in one of these two notes.

This song is titled ‘Resolutions’.

“a collection of twelve songs about life, love, loss, beauty, and so much more told through a canvas of hasty melodic decisions and instrumentation that you don’t often get together”
(photo and quote by Curious Quail)

Glenntai Got: ‘Stray Dogs’ by Zanate

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Loss; it’s not just a meme based off someone’s webcomic. It’s a legitimate experience for all of us (no matter whether you feel it or not).  It can cause all sorts of reactions, most of them being rather typical from what we have seen and heard in many forms of media. With Zanate’s ‘Stray Dogs’, however, we experience it through the eyes of the artist experiencing it first-hand with the loss of their dog named Bruno. Using 2A03+VRC6 via Famitracker and their experience with rock instrumentation, we can walk through the goodbye and tribute to a good boy. Get ready to have a mix of feelings when you throw on this seven-track album.

Art by Nancy Rivas.