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‘ChipWINter Wilderness’ is LIVE! Both digitally and via cassette (!!!) here:

Heya ChipWINners! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ ʷᵃᵛᵉˢ

2018 is quickly drawing to a close, and this, of course, means that it’s time once again for the winter holidays! A big part of that for many of us includes holiday music.

Although now that I think about it, the last time that we released a ‘ChipWINter‘ compilation was in 2014. What say we fix that this December? (^_−)−❄️

Spellbinding ‘ChipWINter Wilderness’ album artwork by Nate Horsfall. Totes channeling a lil’ Bob Ross this round methinks! ♥

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 6 [Tracks 41-51]

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Hello all and welcome to the last leg of the Vol. 6 track reviews. One great thing with Chiptunes = WIN’s yearly mainline Volumes: the overall quality is so high and consistent, you’ll never feel like the compilation loses momentum at any point, even for the very last tracks. On the contrary. On this truly STELLAR Volume 6, some of my absolute favourites are actually part of the last ten! And I was lucky enough to review them. Let’s dive in! “La main à la pâte”!

Bonus ‘Volume 6’ album art by Chunderfins,