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Clover Chain Reacts To: Tuxic – ‘Oblivion’

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Tuxic’s riveting concept album ‘Oblivion’ was released through Russian netlabel BleepLove in June 2018. Featuring some fantastic LSDj chops, low-fi drum’n’bass grooves, and hostile progressive metal, this music stood out to me from the moment I first heard it for its strong drive and dynamic execution. Making use of some really interesting pacing decisions alongside active melodies and uneven rhythms, the tight composition creates an intriguingly mechanical feel with incisive focus. This is balanced out nicely by the more free-spirited sound, full of surprises, where even the vocals display quite the stylistic range – composite instrumentation with a penchant for harsh qualities and sudden appearances. The most natural aspects of this album are presented through an artificial texture. The result is engaging, self-contained, expressive, abrasive, and GREAT.


Sladerfluous Reviews: ‘Atlas’ by FM-84

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‘Atlas’ by FM-84 is too spectacular to ignore.


This is one of those moments where we at Chiptunes = WIN felt compelled to break open our scope to bring an album to the forefront that orbits our main focusing sub-genre because when you hear this incredible collection by Col Bennett (featuring several MIND BLOWING collaborations), you’ll be thankful that we made the exception and brought FM-84’s masterful dreamwave artistry to your attention.

Start your ‘Atlas’ journey with ‘Arcade Summer’, a delightful ambient introduction into FM-84’s 80’s synth dreamwave stylings, but be warned that this is only the tip of one magnificent iceberg…

There is so much more to love within ‘Atlas’. Continue on through the review below and experience the dreamwave decadence that ‘Atlas’ has to offer…


The President’s Manifesto: Beer & Chip Vol.7

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with the first of my beer and chiptune review columns in quite some time! I know, I know; you’re all wondering, “Brandon, what in the hell made you think to knock the dust off that ol’ thing and bring it back?” In a few words:

Shitty Miller Lite and Bud Melvin

Why Miller Lite? Who cares. It sucks ( actually gives it a zero lol).

The lengths I go to for chiptune journalism....

The lengths I go to for chiptune journalism….

Let’s get on to the real reason for this article: the music. Specifically, Bud Melvin‘s latest release, ‘CNTRY & NESTRNT’.

bud melvin

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