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Music Map Update: March 2020

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Heya folks! My wife, Erin, recently made the first big honkin’ update to her Music Map in a good ol’ while. Long enough, in fact, that I’m gonna give this fantastic community resource an additional promo push here on our blog. Learn more about it below! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

Look at all the music. ♬♫♪◖(●。●)◗♪♫♬


This Month in The Overworld: Kenobit

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Is there something like a Chiptune Maestro? This month’s artist, Kenobit, a.k.a Fabio Bortolotti, could definitely be defined as one. Self proclaimed Game Boy addict, he has been working on his masterful and dynamic tracks for over 9 years, and has certainly become an integral figure of the chipmusic community in Milan, Italy.

Kenobit performing live with his Gameboy.
Kenobit performing live with his Game Boy.

Fabio was born in Italy, in the year 1982. After playing drums in a few punk bands in his teens, he discovered chiptune at a show in a small club. He instantly fell in love, bought an LSDJ cart, and never stopped producing chiptune.


1 Year(ish) Map-a-versary

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For those of you who were unaware, over at the Chiptunes = WIN Facebook group there are self curated, group sustained, ever-growing lists of both chiptune and VGM artists – both active and past. These lists were initially created by Brandon L. Hood and expanded upon by the community as a way for enthusiasts and artists to expose others to their music, and as a place for the curious to find something new.

About a year ago, those lists were the seeds that sprouted into this:

The map is meant to be a tool for everyone to use to find, explore, and spread knowledge of chipartists, visualists, and video game musicians. Fan of chiptunes & visualizations, and/or VGM? Explore the map to find new artists from around the world. We literally have at least one artist from every (habitable) continent! Planning a tour? Find out what artists are out there to contact for show booking! Looking for collaboration? Click on the corresponding gdoc spreadsheet to find links to the music makers that inspire you.

This map is for the community, by the community! But I, curator Ryn McQ, am a lonely chiptune newb with only social media to guide me.  So if in your exploration you come across any information on the map, spreadsheet, or list that is outdated or incorrect, shoot an email to me at and I’ll get it fixed. If you want to be on the map and aren’t, send an email to the same address with your artist name, type of creation (chip/VGM/visual), and social media link(s) to your works. And I’ll get it done!

You are what’s needed to keep the map growing and alive!

Map Links
Direct Link | (short link) | The ChipWIN Blog (persistent page)