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Progression: Music Theory 107 – Time Signatures and Subdivisions

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Hey dudes and dudettes,

Tuberz here with my seventh article in the realm of music theory, and how you can take theory principles and apply them to your own jams. I’ve just returned from a hecking good, heaps awesome trip to Finland for a research conference, and Japan for… well… Japan. I guess. This gave me lots of time to organize my thoughts on this topic. Last month we covered the idea of secondary dominant chords, and other functional chords for pivoting into other keys and tonal areas. By this point, my articles may seem more like science fiction novels with a grounding in theoretical physics, so I think it may be wise to peruse some of my other articles to help bring you up to speed. This article is going to cover my favourite topic: Time signatures. We’ll talk about some other cool rhythmic ideas as well.

Let’s jam.

Do you like pay people for reference photos of sheet music with weird stuff on it or are you just resourceful?