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This Month in The Overworld: Hyper Foofie

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This month’s artist is as skillful with words as he is with music. An artist that loves to experiment with different types of artistic expression, and a designer at heart, he often dazzles everyone with his ability to communicate his enthusiasm, verbally and visually. It’s pretty clear from his social media profiles that he takes Chiptune seriously, and it’s very refreshing to see such an unbridled enthusiasm.

Hyper Foofie playing live. Photo by Juan Manuel Gomez Loaiza.

His first album was titled ‘Bomb Crusader’ and his friends influence is definately felt on his latest album, named ‘Blaster Raster’, after a lifelong connection that he shared with a rastafari that endured a life threatening motorcycle crash.


Clover Chain Reacts To: ‘Nascens’ by meganeko

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My friend was on TV recently. He was shopping at a bookstore, and the local news was doing a segment on reading, interviewing customers there. When asked to “talk about your favorite book”, he panicked, grabbing the first book that came to his mind: ‘The Crying of Lot 49’, a mere 160 page novella. Now, the interview went fine; he talked about its good writing and such. Upon relaying this story to me, however, my friend expressed regret. He told me it really is one of his favorites, and it’s surprising to find so much value in a pretty short book, and he wishes he could have pointed that out. He’d say something like, “It’s a really small book that says a lot of big ideas.”

meganeko’s ‘Nascens’ is one of my favorite music releases. It’s full of originality. It surprises me. Yes it’s short, but it’s a small EP that shows a lot of big ideas.

Album artwork by CA CHOU.


Chris Considers: ‘Technokinesis’ by Meganeko

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Greetings to you all, fans of chiptune! The last few weeks have been an exciting time in the chiprealm, as we’ve seen the triumphant return of some beloved artists within the scene whose next releases have been hotly anticipated: Tri Angles, Electric Children, and Meganeko, just to name a few. I first discovered the supremely talented Swede, Meganeko’s, music through the Chiptune + Charity Bundle #4 back in early 2014. The included album was his debut, ‘Robot Language’, which remains one of my favorite and most impressive debut albums to this day.

Meganeko’s music hooks you with the perfect hybrid blend of hard-hitting drum & bass and beautifully carefree melodies that you didn’t know you needed until the moment they hit your eardrums. I can remember Meganeko posting at the time that bundle was live how thrilled and honored he was to be featured in a bundle alongside artists such as Shirobon, and here we are a few years later and he’s just released ‘Technokinesis’, his most killer EP yet, on Shirobon’s netlabel Hyperwave Records! Continuing in the ChipWIN tradition of always moving onward and upward; seeing and hearing these artists collaborate, grow and inspire one another is what makes me love this music scene so much. Hit the jump for a few examples of why ‘Technokinesis’ is a cyberpunk thrillride that deserves your attention.

Cover art by Ilya Kuvshinov. Click the image for more of his gorgeous artwork!

Cover art by Ilya Kuvshinov. Click the image above for more of his gorgeous artwork!