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Paul’s Tech Talk – LSDJ 5.1.0, Civil War Part 2: The new L command, and KICKS

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Hello all and thank you for reading The ChipWIN Blog!

In the last issue of this column, we tackled the infamous 5.1.0 LSDJ update and dwelled on the theory of what it brought to the table. To cut it short, it all boiled down to a complete redesign of Pitch behaviour. What the community did not expect, was all the ramifications and ripples it would have, and it ended up being a highly controversial update, to which many would actually choose to turn a blind eye.

If you haven’t already, I suggest reading the first part of this article before delving into this one, just to get familiar with what’s at stake. In this second part, I will first spend some time going over the specifics of the all-new L command also introduced in 5.1.0. Then I will go over how I view the anatomy of Kicks. And then, finally, I will try to get more practical, and give several examples of how to work with LSDJ 5.1.0 and above to utilize all these new features to the fullest.

Let’s dive in!


Paul’s Tech Talk – LSDJ 5.1.0, Civil War Part 1: “Linear” Pitch

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Hello beautiful people and thank you for reading Paul’s Tech Talk on The ChipWIN Blog!

Today we’re going to tackle one, if not THE most groundbreaking update that happened to LSDJ in the midst of all its crazy transformations. With 5.1.0, Johan Kotlinski decided to rewrite the entire pitch behaviour in LSDJ from scratch. For the sake of this article I’m going to try and keep an unbiased point of view. Even though I am pretty partial to the newer versions, I still use the older ones as well. But it’s safe to say that this update was probably the most controversial of all, and it ruffled a few feathers in the community.

In music in general, but more particularly from a software perspective in LSDJ, Pitch is a solid foundation on which a lot of elements are built. And even though LSDJ is a shining example of software ergonomics and accessible design, its complexity still gives it a bit of a learning curve. The 5.1.0 update shook things up so much that artists would either have to relearn a lot of tried-and-true techniques that would now work just as well but very differently, or refrain from upgrading altogether, deliberately missing out on later updates and bug fixes.

Long story short, for a lot of people, upgrading to 5.1.0 and above would break songs from older versions and render quite a few staple sound design techniques obsolete. Let’s take a quick look at what has changed and get a better grasp of the situation.


Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 6 [Tracks 41-51]

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Hello all and welcome to the last leg of the Vol. 6 track reviews. One great thing with Chiptunes = WIN’s yearly mainline Volumes: the overall quality is so high and consistent, you’ll never feel like the compilation loses momentum at any point, even for the very last tracks. On the contrary. On this truly STELLAR Volume 6, some of my absolute favourites are actually part of the last ten! And I was lucky enough to review them. Let’s dive in! “La main à la pâte”!

Bonus ‘Volume 6’ album art by Chunderfins,


Kuma’s Quick Shots: Round 12

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Hey ChipWINners! Welcome back to Quick Shots! I hope Thanksgiving treated you well for those of you who got to celebrate, and for those who weren’t able to I hope this belated musical gift more than makes up for your lack of feasting this year. This time around, I’ll be reviewing two EPs that will pull on your heart strings in ways unexpected. These two albums will not only stir the soul and leave you feeling wistful and introspective, but they will also fill you with the determination necessary to close out the year in a way that’s meaningful to you.

So let’s not waste any time! Sit back, plug in those headphones, and lie down on the ground as I make you feel like garbage with two lovely albums from The Flight Away and Sam_Berrow.

colored bars (more…)