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Clover’s Comp Corral: Chiptunes4Autism Volume 4

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Chiptunes4Autism has been going for 4 years strong now, and another spring season brought us what may be their most exciting compilation yet! 28 tracks showcase a varied, fun, and hard-working collective that will take anyone who wants to help. All proceeds go to charities proud of neurodiversity, supporting autistic self-advocacy, mental health resources, and networks for marginalized groups. It’s really great. Also, the music kicks ass, and the people involved will steal your hearts.

By ‘steal your hearts’, of course, I mean I’m going to try and cast them in a heist movie.


Wounds and Resolutions: Curious Quail – ‘Twelve Months’

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Curious Quail’s ‘Twelve Months’ opens with a simple, quiet guitar chord, E major. A single pulse plays, E, the tonic, a perfect resolution in isolation.

The gameboy falters, falling down until it reaches a B. Perfect fifth. The next best thing.

For the first minute, each phrase ends in one of these two notes.

This song is titled ‘Resolutions’.

“a collection of twelve songs about life, love, loss, beauty, and so much more told through a canvas of hasty melodic decisions and instrumentation that you don’t often get together”
(photo and quote by Curious Quail)

Hoodie Highlights… Jesse Martin aka FLOOR BABA!

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Sup y’all? =) Keeping the mental health awareness train rolling here on the blog, I’m back with another guest to talk about the tricky topic on Hoodie Highlights!

As is the custom, today’s guest is another ‘doer’ in and around the chiprealm. If you’ve been tuned in at all these past few years, there’s a good chance you’ve either heard his music (including a couple of ChipWIN subs!) or something he’s had a hand in publishing. Kuma even talked to him here on The CWB back in 2013! (…where in the world has the time gone?). He’s also a member of our newly created mental health support & awareness Facebook group, “It’s Still You”, which you can find more about here.

Everyone welcome to the blog Jesse Martin aka FLOOR BABA of DESKPOP!

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