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Rhyphte Reviews: ‘Lachrymose Dreams of the Alchemist’ by Joe Swensen

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Hi everyone — I hope you’re all enjoying 2020, because we’re actually about to take a little trip back to December 2019, a time when everyone decided to drop their albums in a bizarre, chaotic rush to beat the clock on the new decade. Or was that just me? Projection aside, there’s a lot of great tunes to unpack from the climactic finale of the 2010s, so we’re gonna linger here a bit for me to shine the spotlight on a lovely, experimental EP from the equally lovely Joe Swensen!

Album art by the blog’s very own Giselle Llamas!

Formerly known as Turtle Beats, Joe’s been a formidable presence in the scene for a while, but they have recently launched into the forefront by their flawless execution of the “ChipWIN roster debut to new album to Chipspace showcase” true-combo we’ve seen play out plenty of times over the years! ‘Lachrymose Dreams of the Alchemist’ is a compact concept album packed to the brim with novel techniques in Joe’s lively, minimalist style. It’s certainly a must-listen for anyone brainstorming new directions for their next LSDJ project.


Rhyphte Reviews ‘PWRNEON’ and Interviews The Mad Lads Behind It

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What’s up, gamers. If this isn’t the first article of mine you’ve scrolled through, you know I’m a sucker for living examples of collaboration in action. I love seeing different creative directions come together to present a totally new musical idea or experience, and, like many of you, I fucking adore LSDJ chiptune and Famitracker-based synthwave. Basically, it should come as no surprise to anyone that I’m about to unleash a whole article about ‘PWRNEON,’ an absolute banger of a single and cover of toasterpastries’ ‘PWRMEOW’ by Techno Mage, a Seattle-based duo comprised of famitracker musician Dan Butler and guitarist Austin Schuyler. The track premiered last night on alongside a playlist of recent LSDJ tracks curated by Dan himself. There’s more to be said about Nightride, but first I’d like to kick things off with my own review of ‘PWRNEON.’

Album artwork by Melissa Butler


Rhyphte Reviews: ‘(EMPTY)’ by toasterpastries

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Hey folks! It’s ya boi rhyphte here with some more great summer tunes to talk about. In the midst of V8 submission prep, a very special member of our community was working hard on his first feature length release with his new label! I meant to put this out sooner (closer to the album release and farther from V8), but moving sucks (Editor-in-chief’s note: 100% AGREED), traveling sucks, and doing both in the same week is a gigantic pain in the ass.

I like Catskull Records because of its position as the nucleus of the Midwestern scene. There’s a lot of action on the coasts but the great interior of the states is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Toasterpastries, aka Jack Danial Young, has officially been inducted into the same cabal as the likes of Immortan and ChronoWolf, and I’m glad to see it because he’s definitely been on the come-up for a hot-ass minute now.

I also want to point out the awesome fucking album art. Jack took a picture of the solar eclipse (you know the one) with a GAMEBOY CAMERA. What a badass power move, am I right? The font chosen is very recognizable to the LSDJ goonsquad, of which I am a card-carrying member.

album art by toasterpastries

Normally I’d say it’s a little late in the game to be bringing out a “Game Boy/LSDJ-themed” album (it’s INSERT_YEAR_HERE, after all), but Jack has a strong argument for reminding us what these tiny old computers are really capable of. Not that any of us here at Chiptunes = WIN have ever actually forgotten. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧