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This Month in The Overworld: Hyper Foofie

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This month’s artist is as skillful with words as he is with music. An artist that loves to experiment with different types of artistic expression, and a designer at heart, he often dazzles everyone with his ability to communicate his enthusiasm, verbally and visually. It’s pretty clear from his social media profiles that he takes Chiptune seriously, and it’s very refreshing to see such an unbridled enthusiasm.

Hyper Foofie playing live. Photo by Juan Manuel Gomez Loaiza.

His first album was titled ‘Bomb Crusader’ and his friends influence is definately felt on his latest album, named ‘Blaster Raster’, after a lifelong connection that he shared with a rastafari that endured a life threatening motorcycle crash.


FUTURE NIGHT – Nashville, TN on Fri 9/27/13

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Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with an announcement about an AWESOME show taking place in my region (!!!) a week from today. A handful of us from various chipscenes spread across the area are teaming up with another awesome group of folk & a venue in Nashville to put on an amazing show called FUTURE NIGHT that you just may be interested in (note the name Roboctopus in the middle of the gorgeous flyer below… ;).

future night

Mike Kluge of Future Night puts it better than I ever could:

“Future Night is an experimental art & music showcase featuring progressive bands & interactive art installations held at Boheme Collectif in East Nashville. This is a creative collaboration between makers, musicians & futurephiles and for anyone who enjoys the combination of these things, exciting new forms of media, and experimentation in general.”

$5. BYOB. Sept. 27th. Starts at 9pm.

Hope to see you there!!! =D

Much \m|♥|m/,
President Hoodie

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