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ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: ‘Nebulae’ by Space Town Savior

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Here we are in a post Leonard Nimoy world, and all I (or anyone else it seems) can think about is space. People are constantly talking about Mars and what new things they find on it. Or there’s the dwarf planet Ceres, or this Earthlike planet Kepler 186-f. Hell, even ‘The X-Files’ is coming back to TV – so how fitting that Space Town Savior’s new (and final!) release ‘Nebulae’ is hot space-on-space, atmospheric trancey electronic goodness. You may, remember Space Town Savior from Volume 1 of our compilations – how wonderful it is now to get to talk about a full album instead of a single track!

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ChipWIN-tern Presents: An Evening With Alex Mauer

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I’m willing to bet a large majority of our reader base is familiar with Alex Mauer. but if not, let me direct you to the interview that our very own Kuma did with him last year. In the intervening time, in addition to a slew of other projects Alex did what might be the first of its kind – a chiptune score for a movie called Motivational Growth.

Released in October 2014, it’s the story of a depressed man who tries to end it all, only to find that the very filth he has cultivated in his apartment from his depression has come alive to try to get his life back on track (or has it?). It’s a very intense film – it’s got some blood and gore, and obviously the theme of suicidal depression isn’t exactly fun for the whole family, but it’s a hell of a film and something that really got to me personally.

I met Alex this year at MAGFest when we ended up sitting next to each other by chance at a large chiptune family dinner down at the Irish pub in National Harbor. One thing led to another while we were inhaling our food and suddenly Alex was willing to do an interview with the blog about Motivational Growth and the upcoming game Starr Mazer. I got in touch with him once both our schedules calmed down, and managed the following. Enjoy! (more…)

The Post-MAG MAG-packed MAGFest 13 Post

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The UK may have Superbyte, the Netherlands may have EINDBAAS, but here near the United States’ capital, we have a little thing called MAGFest, and we like to think it does alright.  While many of you came out and attended MAGFest with us from all over the globe (attendance surpassed 17,000 people this year!), I know there are many of you who were not able to. And if I’m honest with you, even those of us who DID go couldn’t have gone to everything that there was to do there unless the Ministry of Magic had given out Time Turners to the lot of us. That’s where this post comes in – I’ve done my best to assemble all the links, videos and pictures of the most happening happenings to have happened. Those of you who remember my Post-PAX PAX Post should be familiar with how I’m going to format this: As this was the Music and Gaming Festival, we’re going to have a #Music and a #Gaming section as well as a #Closing Thoughts, tagged as such for easy navigation within the post.

Pictured: Adam Martinez, Hot 'n Ready for MAGFest

Are you Hot ‘n Ready for this? Kuma is.


ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: “Wordplay” by Chipocrite

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Happy almost MAGFest everyone! In order to get you prepped for the impending wall of chipmusic waiting for you in Maryland in but a few scant days, and as I am the longstanding president of the Paul Weinstein Fan Club/Bowling League (current membership: myself), it is my duty to report to you that there was a new Chipocrite release last month, and if you haven’t listened to it yet you done goofed. The good news is, we can fix that right now! Grab your fancy headphones, go to the comfiest place in your house/apartment/other domicile, and prepare to rock out to ‘Wordplay.’

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ChipWIN-tern Spotlight: “The Arrival” by Warez Waldo

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Allow me, if you would, to tell you a short story to set this all up.

The players: Myself and Dan Davis.
The scene: Richmond, Virginia.
Dan’s CRV.

We’re on the way to Sheetz to buy some snacks, because nothing is more chiptune than poor life choices regarding food in the middle of the night. As we make our way down the road, Dan begins to talk about his time at 8staticfest this year, and how great Carl Peczynski’s Radlib set was.

“You know,” he tells me, “Carl just got up there and killed it as Radlib – but he had a new album for sale and he didn’t even TALK about it! It was just in the merch area. Carl is so dedicated to his Planet Zaxxon crew, he didn’t even bring up his Warez Waldo release.”

“Warez Waldo?” I said. “I thought I saw something about that release, but I hadn’t listened to it.”

Dan reached down and grabbed the CD, popped it in, skipped to ‘From Inside The Frequency Forest,’ and proceeded to watch my face melt.

As Dan mentioned, Carl dropped ‘Warez Waldo – The Arrival‘ in October with very little fanfare, and while we made a brief mention about it via ChipWIN, we didn’t give it the attention it so rightly deserves at the time. This is, of course, a travesty, because this album is beautiful. It’s like your favorite meal, delivered to you in bed on a golden platter by an angel. In a world full of Game Boys, hearing non-LSDJ music is already something out of the usual, but this release is all FM, in all the glory the Soundblaster 16 can muster. Honestly, given Carl’s whole outer space schtick — the story being that all artists on the Planet Zaxxon label are here from another world to rock the human race with their music — rocking the FM synthesis makes a lot of sense. It allows the music to sound intrinsically “spacey” and out of this world by virtue of the sounds you can create with it that are so unlike anything else.


There are so many things to praise about this album. The tracks go back and forth between being simple in terms of content but intense in terms of technical composition and being big, cinematic pieces. The sheer range of instrumental voices you can get out of going full FM as opposed to more limited chip-stylings lets these songs pair harsher, more machine-like sounds with more traditional instrument emulation.

Of note, ‘Circuit Circus‘ stands out because of how truly alien it sounds – which given the Planet Zaxxon mythos, is appropriate. As I had said, ‘From Inside The Frequency Forest’ is face-melting – it just keeps you guessing as it builds from some something seemingly simple into a multilayered titan of sick drums and a jaunty, almost carnival-like melody. As always seems to be the case, however, the eponymous track takes the cake for best overall – it is at once complex, unknowable, and yet familiar: a hearkening back to 90’s MS-DOS music most unseen in this day and age. I sincerely hope this album is the herald of the arrival of more people using the OPL-3, because the nostalgia kick I got off of hearing these tunes has got me more hype than a plate of Wild Berry Pop Tarts washed down with a can of Surge.

I, for one, welcome our Planet Zaxxon overlords, and wish to see what else lays ahead for us now that The Arrival is here.

Seats out!

Warez Waldo Linkapalooza
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